Germany: Europe and NATO countries will not send troops to Ukraine

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Speaking to journalists in Freiburg, German Chancellor Scholz commented on the conference on support for Ukraine hosted by Macron in Paris yesterday.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposed French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion that troops could be sent to Ukraine to prevent Russia from winning the war, saying that European and NATO countries will not send troops to Ukraine.
Recalling that he had called for increased support for Ukraine a few weeks ago, Scholz said: “I have the impression that this is understood. Everyone wants to do more.”

Chancellor Scholz said that the conference discussed how this support should be structured.

Scholz said that the points agreed here from the beginning will be valid for the future, “In other words, there will be no ground troops, no troops sent by European states or NATO states on Ukrainian territory. The soldiers serving in our countries will also not actively participate in the war.”

Scholz said that reaching a compromise on this issue was a good and important progress.
Scholz expressed his satisfaction with the comprehensive discussions at the conference and stated that the conference showed the good cooperation between Germany and France.

German Chancellor Scholz said that new decisions were also taken at the meeting, not only on where to expand production capacities in Europe or how to provide more support to Ukraine from its own resources, but also on the readiness to purchase from non-European countries with European funds.

Speaking at the closing of the conference on support for Ukraine, Macron said: “We will do whatever it takes to ensure that Russia does not win this war.” Giving the message that ‘everything is possible’ to achieve this goal, Macron stated that sending troops to Ukraine should not be ‘ruled out’.


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