A passenger was denied water at Rome airport because he is a Russian citizen

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While it was revealed that a passenger was not sold water at the duty-free point at Fiumicino, the international airport of Rome, the capital of Italy, because he was a Russian citizen, an apology was made to the passenger in question.

Anna Larina, a Russian teacher living in Italy, posted on Instagram on February 18 that she was unable to buy water at the duty-free point at Rome Fiumicino International Airport before her trip to Moscow because she is a Russian citizen.

Larina, a Russian citizen, said that when she tried to buy water, the cashiers told her, “If you are Russian, there is no water, we cannot sell you anything. Because Russia started a war two years ago and they justified it by citing the Ministry’s specific provisions.”

Larina’s video message quickly became one of the most viewed images on social media.

“We are very sorry and regret what happened to you”

Aelia Duty Free, the company in charge of duty-free points at the airport, and ADR, in charge of Rome Airport, issued statements today.

In a statement, Aelia Duty Free apologized to Russian passenger Larina for the

“unfortunate incident” she had faced, emphasizing that the sale of water to anyone is not prohibited and that there are no instructions for such a prohibition.

Below Larina’s post, the ADR company also made the following statements:

“We are very sorry and regret what happened to you during your time at Fiumicino Airport. This behavior is absolutely not in line with the standards applied by ADR’s commercial partners. The necessary disciplinary measures will be taken in a few hours.”

Many Italians sent messages of support to his social media accounts and Larina thanked everyone for the solidarity shown to him.


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