Police vehicles set on fire in violence by Eritrean groups in The Hague, Netherlands

In The Hague, the administrative capital of the Netherlands, groups of Eritreans with different views clashed with each other and police with stones and sticks, setting vehicles on fire.

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According to local media, pro-opposition groups, who were informed that a group supporting the Eritrean government was gathering in a hall in The Hague, tried to enter with stones and sticks. It was stated that the protesters, who broke the windows of the building and set fire to police vehicles and buses, were intervened with tear gas and some police officers were injured in the incidents.

In a statement to the press, Robin Middel, spokesperson for The Hague Municipality, said that the violence that started between pro-Eritrean government supporters and opposing groups gathered in the Opera conference hall got out of control.

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In the statement made on the X account of The Hague police, it was stated that two Eritrean groups got into a stone fight on Fruitweg Street, where the Opera conference hall is located, and the police intervened to ensure public order.

Protesters set fire to several police vehicles and some buses. The fires were extinguished by the fire brigade.


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