AI Race: A Comparison Between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus

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Google recently announced Gemini, a rebrand of its Google Bard project, which includes a subscription tier named Gemini Advanced. This Advanced tier is bundled with an “AI Premium” Google One subscription available for purchase by anyone. Meanwhile, ChatGPT Plus remains a standalone tier within its own realm. Gemini Advanced utilizes the Gemini Ultra model, purportedly surpassing the capabilities of GPT-4, a claim we’ve tested.

Gemini Advanced Offers Comprehensive Value:

Priced at $20, Gemini Advanced competes favorably with ChatGPT Plus and Copilot Pro. However, it’s more than just a competitive price point. Packaged within the “AI Premium” tier of Google One, Gemini Advanced provides a comprehensive suite of benefits, including 2TB of Google Drive storage, Gemini integration with Google’s suite of applications like Docs and Sheets, extended Meet call durations, and ample cloud storage – a significant boon for users.

In contrast, ChatGPT Plus primarily offers access to ChatGPT with GPT-4 capabilities. While it lacks cloud storage and software integration, it does offer unique features such as image generation, custom GPT creation, plugin support, and Python code execution – functionalities currently unavailable with Gemini Advanced. Nevertheless, the value proposition of Gemini Advanced appears more appealing for most users, depending on their specific AI requirements.

Gemini Advanced Demonstrates Superior Speed and Utility:

One notable advantage of Gemini Advanced over ChatGPT Plus is its superior speed and responsiveness. In various tasks, including text summarization, image generation, and coding, Gemini Advanced consistently outperforms its counterpart. This speed advantage, coupled with its informative responses, positions Gemini Advanced as a compelling option for users seeking quick and efficient AI-driven solutions.

However, ChatGPT Plus showcases its strengths in certain domains, particularly in Python programming and data analysis. With its ability to understand and process uploaded files, create visualizations, and execute Python code, ChatGPT Plus proves to be a valuable tool for developers and data analysts. For tasks such as data manipulation and scripting, ChatGPT Plus offers functionalities that currently surpass those of Gemini Advanced.

In conclusion, while Gemini Advanced excels in speed and general utility, ChatGPT Plus retains an edge in specific areas such as Python programming and data analysis. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the user’s priorities and the nature of their AI-related tasks.

However, it’s noteworthy that Gemini Advanced lacks the ability to upload files other than images, which feels somewhat out of character for Google’s emphasis on showcasing data analysis capabilities. For programmers and data analysts, this limitation might steer them towards considering ChatGPT Plus, especially given its capacity to execute code and perform analysis directly within the browser or app interface.

ChatGPT Plus also seems better at images

Moreover, in the realm of image generation, ChatGPT Plus demonstrates superiority, particularly in terms of image quality. While Gemini Advanced produces a greater quantity of images, the quality often falls short. For instance, when tasked with drawing a cat flying in space wearing a helmet and waving at a tall figure on Pluto, Gemini Advanced’s output, although faster, failed to meet the coherence and quality standards expected. In contrast, ChatGPT Plus, powered by DALL-E 3, delivered a more accurate depiction, albeit with an eerie aesthetic. Thus, for image-focused tasks, ChatGPT Plus with DALL-E 3 remains the preferable choice over Gemini Advanced.

AI Race: A Comparison Between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus 1
Source: Gemini Advanced

Moving on to creative writing, Gemini Advanced excels in poetry generation, surpassing even GPT-4 in certain scenarios. When prompted to craft a poem about a robot yearning for Nutella despite being unable to taste it, Gemini Advanced’s response was not only prompt but also creatively engaging. Comparatively, ChatGPT Plus struggled to keep up with this abstract task and eventually faltered. Additionally, when challenged to rewrite the poem in the style of Post Malone, Gemini Advanced managed to capture the essence of the artist’s style, albeit with some cringe-worthy elements. In contrast, ChatGPT Plus failed to grasp the stylistic nuances, indicating a limitation in its understanding of diverse creative prompts.

AI Race: A Comparison Between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus 2
Source: ChatGPT Plus

In conclusion, while Gemini Advanced offers speed and versatility in various AI-driven tasks, it falls short in specific areas such as file uploading and image quality. ChatGPT Plus, on the other hand, excels in programming capabilities and image generation, particularly with the DALL-E 3 model. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each platform is crucial in determining the most suitable option based on individual needs and preferences.

Regarding the poetry task, it’s notable that ChatGPT Plus incorporated a mention of Post Malone within the poem instead of rewriting it in his style. This oversight by GPT-4 stands as an unexpected miss, highlighting Gemini Advanced’s impressive performance in this domain.

Moving on to text summarization, both ChatGPT and Gemini Advanced demonstrate proficiency. When tasked with summarizing a review of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, both models provided coherent summaries. However, ChatGPT’s inability to access the content directly and its limitation in expanding further, presumably due to copyright concerns, poses a drawback. On the other hand, Gemini Advanced offers more flexibility by allowing direct access to content for summarization.

Gemini Advanced presented a concise summary highlighting the performance improvements of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 over its predecessor, while GPT-4’s summary, sourced from XDA Developers, offers a similar perspective with additional insights. While personal preferences may vary, both summaries are deemed acceptable, with the choice potentially differing based on individual needs and access to content.

Considering the overall suitability, unless one requires the specific Python capabilities and file uploading functionalities offered by ChatGPT Plus, Gemini Advanced emerges as the preferred option for most users. Priced similarly, Gemini Advanced not only offers a powerful LLM comparable to GPT-4 but also includes 2TB of cloud storage and integration with Google’s suite of apps. This comprehensive package positions Gemini Advanced more as a competitor to Copilot Pro rather than ChatGPT Plus.

Looking ahead, the evolution and improvement of Gemini Advanced will be closely observed. As it stands, ChatGPT Plus faces increasingly formidable competition, signaling the need for continual advancement to maintain its position in the market. The initial advantage of being a first mover will only carry ChatGPT Plus so far, emphasizing the importance of keeping pace with evolving technologies and user expectations.



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