ALRIGH2T Project: New Steps for Green Transformation in the Aviation Industry

Europe's groundbreaking ALRIGH2T project focuses on liquid hydrogen-based solutions to reduce environmental impact

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The ALRIGH2T project, which involves 21 partners from European Union (EU) countries and Israel, aims to reduce the environmental impact of the aviation sector. A total of approximately €10 million has been allocated for the project, which will be carried out over a 48-month period. The aviation sector is responsible for 2.5 to 3 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions.

The project focuses on airport infrastructure for liquid hydrogen (LH2)-based aircraft engines. Burning LH2 in aircraft engines or converting it into electricity via a fuel cell is at the heart of the research. Solutions such as direct refueling and replacement of hydrogen tanks are also being examined. LH2 becomes liquid at temperatures below -253 degrees Celsius.

This project will not be the first application of LH2-based solutions at airports in Europe. Previously, in Hamburg, the impact of LH2 drives on airport ground handling was studied.

“The use of ALRIGH2T’s refueling systems aims to overcome the challenges arising from the use of hydrogen in aviation,” the Salzburg Aluminum Group said in a press release.

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Under the project, real-life tests will be carried out at Milan-Malpensa International Airport and at a “reference airport” in Paris. Although the airport in Paris is not specified, it will include different types of airports.


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