February 6 Earthquake and HAARP: Endless Unanswered Questions in Turkey

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One year ago, on February 6, 2023, Turkey was devastated by earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6, centered in Kahramanmaraş and affecting 11 provinces. While 14 million citizens were directly affected by this earthquake, 53,537 people lost their lives according to official statements.

Yet there are hundreds more casualties. Turkey has issued a level 4 alert for the earthquake, including international aid, and declared national mourning across the country for 7 days.

Although efforts are underway to recover from the earthquake, the human losses cannot be compensated. Those who died are left with what they died.

If you want to understand the scale of the destruction caused by the earthquake, take a look at Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) final report on the February 6 earthquakes, published in March 2023. According to the fiction, the amount of post-earthquake debris waste is between 100 and 138 million tons.

Do you know what that means?

The findings and projections made in the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Plans prepared by AFAD for 2019-2021 for 10 provinces affected by the earthquakes, where 13.5 million people live, underline that most of the cities are located on soils that are not suitable for development and that the old and weak building stock in these areas needs to be renewed.

Yes, now they ask;

– What have central and local governments done in this process?

– Which contractors, which mayors, which presidents, in which secluded corners **** girls were toasted to the honor of winning together at drink tables?

– Which middlemen were involved in bagging, fetching and delivering?

Shame on you!

Anyway, we learn from the ITU report that in the reports prepared before the earthquake, the location decisions of the existing settlement areas and especially the zoning and building practices brought about by the rapid urbanization process of the last 50-60 years, the authorities and responsibilities in the preparation and approval processes of zoning plans, zoning amnesties and the accompanying high-risk building stock and existing building inspection problems are listed.

Confessional operations!…

February 6 Earthquake and HAARP: Endless Unanswered Questions in Turkey 1

This so-called natural disaster, which was caused by unplanned urbanization with zoning amnesty and similar practices issued before the earthquake; the negligence and responsibilities of both local and central governments were unfortunately passed off as the “Disaster of the Century”, and the earthquake and divine fate were cited as the cause of this great suffering.

A year has passed, but those whose actions a year ago led to the deaths of thousands of people are still being treated as if they are a rare commodity and are being nominated again. Have mercy.

What needs to be done

People of the modern age have a fish memory. The collective memory is in shambles. Nobody cares about Yahya Kemal’s line “I am the future whose roots are in the past”. Especially the topicality of Mehmet Akif’s lines; “They describe history as ‘repeating itself’;/ Would history repeat itself if no lessons were taken?…” is heartbreaking.


Because on August 17, 1999 there was the 7.4 magnitude “Gölcük” earthquake, on November 12, 1999 there was the 7.2 magnitude “Düzce” earthquake and on October 23, 2011 there was the 7.2 magnitude “Van” earthquake.

“Bingöl” earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 in May 2003, “Elazığ” earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on January 24, 2020 and “İzmir” earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 on October 30, 2020 were recorded as earthquakes with magnitudes of 6 and above.

Despite all this, it is understood that the so-called legal regulations do not touch the water, the property and the property. As new disasters are about to strike, the authorities continue to fire bullets into the darkness. Reverends think that beating water in a mortar is a skill. Such is the perception.

Please heed the advice of the experts.

What do they say?

Regulations such as zoning amnesty and zoning peace, which are not based on scientific grounds and legalize the unhealthy and unsafe building stock that has not received engineering services, should be ended; natural thresholds should be taken as basis in the reconstruction process, and construction should not be allowed in these areas except for cultural assets in the new planning process.

What did Turkey experience on February 6? What was Turkey subjected to with HAARP?

February 6 Earthquake and HAARP: Endless Unanswered Questions in Turkey 2

Forget all the Hollywood-produced science fiction movies you have ever seen. Because the February 6 earthquake has rendered all scenarios null and void. In fact, was the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, a military technological weapon that ensures the global dominance of the US, used in this apocalyptic drill that was inflicted on Turkey by US imperialism?

If you remember, the head of the Turkish Space Agency said that America has space weapons called “God’s Arrows”.

February 6 Earthquake and HAARP: Endless Unanswered Questions in Turkey 3

If it were an ordinary person saying this, we might laugh it off. But the fact that it was Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, the President of the Turkish Space Agency, who brought this issue to the agenda is important in showing that the institutional state structure in Turkey does not exclude this possibility.

As you know, Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, President of the Turkish Space Agency, claimed that titanium alloy 10-meter rods fired from space can create earthquakes of 7-8 magnitude, “There are warrior satellites that can send titanium alloy 10-meter rods from space to any target they want! These rods penetrate 5 kilometers deep into the earth and create earthquakes of 7-8 magnitude. It is not possible to detect them,” he said.

“There are other possibilities,” it was said.

Wells drilled with large drilling machines in a way to trigger fault lines within or near our borders have been filled with ammunition to create the effect of nuclear explosions. In more scientific terms, it is possible that “fault lines were triggered by thermonuclear explosions”.

The aftermath is known.

February 6 Earthquake and HAARP: Endless Unanswered Questions in Turkey 4

Whenever there is an earthquake in Turkey, there is always news that the Seismic Warfare – HAARP ship camouflaged as a “Seismic Research Ship” of the USA, which has recently been on the agenda with the discussions that it creates artificial earthquakes in many geographies of the world and disrupts climate conditions by directly affecting meteorological weather movements, has entered Turkish Territorial Waters.

What a coincidence!

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