Mercury’s energy in Aquarius illuminates opportunities for innovative communication and collaboration

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As communicator Mercury moves into cooperative Aquarius on Monday, February 5, the new relationships you’ve forged in the last month could come to fruition in the next few weeks. Fill up your social profiles and tap into the Aquarian mind for advice. Be generous with your contributions and relationships between now and February 23rd. If you can introduce two people who will work well together or host a meeting where synergies are sparked, everyone (including you) will benefit. While Aquarius is more of a platonic than a romantic sign, the bonds of friendship can sow the seeds of great collaborations. Don’t be afraid to show your superiors your groundbreaking style. Dare to be original and come up with a concept that’s well researched but radically different from everyone else’s. A friend or colleague may reveal a shocking secret today. Keep that secret, no matter how tempting it may be to tell “just one person”.

It won’t be easy to keep quiet on Saturday as Mercury in innovative Aquarius battles Jupiter in determined, traditional Taurus for the third time in a triple clash that began in early December. Agreeing with collaborators can be difficult. Suggesting a new approach will be met with skepticism, if not outright resistance. Take care to listen to people’s concerns rather than trying to convince them to see things your way. You may have to compromise on a few important points, but you need to remain firm on non-negotiables today.
Relationships are a bit shaken by chaotic Uranus on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, romantic Venus in Capricorn and progressive Uranus in Taurus conjoin in fixed signs. Love is supposed to be an evolving experience, not a static one. Breathing new life into your approach to your relationship or partnership can bring stability to this union. Tech-savvy Uranus can bring about a surprising online match. For couples, doing something boldly off script can put passion back on the bedside table.

On Thursday, February 8, keep your wits about you. You can easily lose your temper today and rash actions could make the situation worse. The Aquarius Sun is at odds with mutable Uranus in Taurus, an opposition that will increase egos and power struggles twice a year. People will react quickly without thinking. Since both Sun and Uranus are in stubborn fixed signs, they are likely to show harsh outbursts Please be part of the solution, not part of the problem!


Aries, get your head out of hibernation. On Monday, February 5, social Mercury completes its long tour of Capricorn and your tenth house and glides into free-spirited Aquarius. As the social planet moves through until February 23rd, your cultural calendar can quickly fill up with shows, weekend trips and all sorts of experimental activities you love to participate in. Cutting-edge, innovative activities will be a magnet for you, especially for those of you who aren’t afraid to speak up and stand up for your personal values. If you want to be more vocal about your beliefs, this is the perfect week to showcase yourself on social media. What kind of collaborations would you like more in your life? Over the next three weeks you may find that people are open to your proposals. Whether it’s for fun, business or charity, your interactions will have an attractive sparkle.

In the middle of the week you will focus on job demands. Uranus in Taurus punches creative Venus in Capricorn on Wednesday, then lock horns with the Aquarian Sun on Thursday. You may be fine-tuning a project, but don’t expect it to take off quickly. Give the idea your full attention, log out of all online sites and put your phone on silent to avoid distractions. With a little focus, you will be surprised how much you can accomplish and what a great plan it is! Don’t feel like you have to find all the answers on your own. Turn to someone you trust 100 percent, someone who has experience in this field and get their feedback. This can turn into a win-win collaboration!

If it’s time to update your technological devices/apps, double-click for this task on Friday, February 9th. The new moon in Aquarius gives your whole world a digital reboot. If you have a very slow computer or a phone with a cracked screen, you’re wasting precious minutes. Start shopping for new models now. If your budget is limited, look into payment plans or start a savings account. “It takes money to make money.” Are you already ready? Learning how to use artificial intelligence or a new software program can dramatically increase your income in the next six months. This new moon governs how you are seen among people. As 2024 represents Aries, scan your social media profiles. Remove controversial posts you can no longer stand behind and replace blurry profile pictures with more sophisticated shots. Aries, you tend to have a love-hate relationship with social media, both enjoying the attention when you want it and being annoyed that people can see your coordinates at any given moment. But you may be leaving opportunities on the table by not being visible enough; not to mention missing out on important invitations by keeping notifications turned off. Increase your engagement and see results.

Starting on Saturday, February 10, the Year of the Dragon corresponds to your sign, Aries. Think of it as another force from the heavens to ascend to your natural leadership and star power. Forget about hiding yourself during this dynamic year-long cycle. It’s time to invest in your development and embark on a whole new path, Aries!


From Monday, February 5, shopping talk could be your favorite thing to do as Mercury enters Aquarius (aka the “ruling circle” of your chart) and starts unpacking. Until February 23, professional advancement will be a very clear goal as you rub elbows with some active friends at work. Put aside everything that’s holding you back and network like a pro. If your wardrobe could use a little improvement, set yourself a budget and hit the racks at your favorite boutique. Bring in experts such as designers, copywriters and photographers to bring your presentation materials to a high level of professionalism.

Breaking the mold or at least mixing up your routine will do your heart and soul good in the middle of the week.

Independent spirited Uranus in Taurus makes a harmonious aspect to playful Venus in Capricorn on Wednesday, then is elbowed by the Aquarian Sun in your career center on Thursday. As a result, your wanderlust and appetite for expansion will increase A LOT. Anything familiar or tried and true will be too boring for you, so go with your taste!

Even a short change of scenery outside the city can be inspiring. If a high-profile networking event is taking place, even better. Check the weather, get dressed and packed, then hit the road or, if you can make a longer trip, take to the skies. You are ready to meet successful people and if you are independent now, who knows what kind of synergies might emerge…

Keeping an open mind and leaving space in the schedule is the only prerequisite for lighting the bonfire! If your 2024 goals haven’t quite materialized, fear not, Taurus. This Friday, the year’s only new moon in Aquarius acts as a springboard for your dreams. So be brave. Start the weekend chores with big picture planning. Where would you like to see your career at the full moon on August 19? Are you setting the bar high enough? Challenge yourself. However, don’t set overly high goals. What you need is a vision that inspires you; something you can also incorporate into a practical, step-by-step plan. Start dreaming – write it down, collage it on a dream board – then map out the tasks and milestones you need to achieve in the next six months. Think: budgets, materials, human resources. Through this process you may discover that a task is much more doable than you thought.


Dear Gemini, the tried and true won’t excite you for the next few weeks. On Monday, February 5, your cosmic ruler, inquisitive Mercury, flies into Aquarius and your ninth house of travel, summoning your inner explorer. Until February 23, distant shores and far-flung friends are calling you loudly. By the time you finish reading this article, you may already be packed and ready to book a last-minute flight. Mercury in earthy Aquarius could inspire a trip to a faraway place or encourage you to finally take that spiritual retreat or Northern Lights trip. Thatched huts, hammocks hanging from trees, a tent on the beach: What sounds good? If you crave variety but can’t afford to spend a month as a nomad, make decor changes in your home. New bedding and artwork as well as some bold colors can make a “world” of difference. Make a point of multicultural immersion and learning a new language with your Duolingo app.

You won’t be satisfied with anything ordinary in the middle of the week. Alchemical Uranus in your mystical, magical twelfth house aligns with magical Venus on Wednesday, then enters into a dynamic tug of war with the Sun on Thursday. Your intuition will be on high alert and you’ll be able to access higher realms if you can spend time in a quiet place and tame your thoughts. Skip the boozy get-togethers and join a meditation group or get energy healing instead. You will be more attuned than ever under this clairvoyant conversation. Pay more attention to people’s body language and tone of voice than their words. What is not expressed may be more revealing than it is. But there is no need to call anyone. Just witness wisely and file your observations for future use to your advantage.

Gemini is looking for pearls! Another tip to make the world your personal oyster comes on Friday, February 9, when the annual new moon in Aquarius moves into your global ninth house. Are you at an impasse? A change of scenery can reboot your sense of curiosity. Start the research process for your next trip. Must-haves for your travels: a vibrant cultural scene, lots of fascinating strangers to chat with at random… And even better if there is a cafe (or hammock) for regular daily writing sessions! Since this is the eve of the Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, add “growth opportunities” to this wish list. Planning alone will lift your spirits. Is there something you’ve been obsessively researching and dreaming about? This is gold for Gemini! If you’re an entrepreneur or media producer, this lunar movement can set projects in motion. Set six-month benchmarks. What can you launch by mid-August. How can you skillfully monetize it? With digital-savvy Aquarius ruling your ninth house of education, teaching an online course or creating a video, such as how to make a YouTube series, could open up a new revenue stream. Need to maximize your skills? Apply for a training program that will position you to earn more.


Promises promises? For the next few weeks, don’t make promises unless you’re 99% sure you can keep them. Communicative Mercury dives into Aquarius and your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and seduction on Monday, February 5, and promises become important. Until February 23, your desire for union can become insatiable. So much so that you run the risk of saying yes to things before it’s confirmed that you can fulfill the agreement. This goes both ways. With Mercury here, you’ll want reassurance about your future, both financially and romantically. You might even issue an ultimatum as internal pressure builds over the next few weeks. Even if you don’t like the answer, it’s better to know the deal so as not to waste time. With Mercury lighting up your sensual eighth house, meeting new people won’t be difficult. But keep your standards high, especially if you’re interested in a lasting rather than casual relationship.

Wednesday finds you in a sociable and cheerful environment. With compassionate Venus in your partnership zone aligning with community-oriented Uranus in your friendship zone, you’ll be in the mood to get to know new faces. Whatever you do, take a few more seats than you had planned. Notes: You’ll probably be very happy and inspired hanging out with creative, left-brain-centered artists, inventors and iconoclasts. If you’re alone, a meeting of the minds could turn into a melting of hearts, so don’t judge a book by its cover. A day later, when Uranus is elbowed by the Aquarian Sun in your private eighth house, prioritize your innermost feelings. Someone may be feeling left out, but instead of drowning in drama by offering consolation, have a bookish dinner and make the most of the time.

This Friday, February 9, the year’s only new moon in Aquarius revives your erotic mojo by starting a fire in your smoldering and seductive eighth house. Who said you have to knit in bed or cook stews during hibernation season? Cancer’s collision field could start a new life as a “love room” in the coming days – with someone new or with an old trusted one you’ve had a relationship with for years. Some relationships may intensify, which may ring alarm bells for your sensitive sign. Try to breathe and don’t overreact. While you don’t want to ignore your intuition, part of this heart-pounding energy could be the Cancer fear that arises when people get close to your protective shell. It’s okay to take a step back, but don’t run away from the good ones! These lunar rays will also open up impressive money-making opportunities. With the prosperity-boosting Year of the Dragon starting on the 10th, you’ll be excited about extra money. Start a side hustle; you could see big rewards from it in the next six months. Crabs in a relationship can make joint investments with their partner. Perhaps it’s time to put a price on real estate or write a business plan that will pave the way to mutual financial freedom.


Things can always get better, right Lion? You have specific ideas in your head about how to improve things. But if you’re struggling to articulate your vision in a way that won’t destroy egos, help is coming from the sky! On Monday, February 5, Mercury moves into objective Aquarius, transforming you from a harsh critic into a seasoned diplomat. Step one: Give your inner perfectionist a break. As Mercury calls for peace, love and harmony, you want to relax and make your case softly. Smart Leos will be willing to share some of their genius or possibly make you feel that the desired change is THEIR idea. I’m not suggesting you manipulate people, just be strategic and think “win-win” instead of taking the chance to say “I told you so”.

Thanks to activator Uranus in your career zone, you’ll have additional winds to inflate your sails even more. Uranus synchronizes with creative Venus on Wednesday, unleashing your “Imagination”.

You will be firing on all cylinders and will be able to arrive at the perfect solution or system for a problem that has been holding you back. If you have the time, turn this energy into a personal organizational project you’ve never found the time for. With a little focus you’ll make tons of progress and by combining Venus’ aesthetic eye with Uranus’ innovative streak you can reinvent the wheel!

On Thursday, Uranus will enter into a challenging clash with the Sun and this could demand a lot of your time. Set your alarm an hour earlier than usual that morning and if you have work to catch up on, turn off all communication devices and focus. Even fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time will be extremely productive.

Synergies will be abundant on Friday, February 9, as the year’s only new moon in Aquarius activates your seventh house of partnerships. Everywhere you look, someone will be clamoring to join forces with you for work, love and creative endeavors. While you may want to put on a one-lion show, teaming up with a charming “opposite” could breathe new life into your act. Even if you have to give up some control over the scenario, the thrill of it will be worth it. And you don’t have to hand over the keys to your kingdom right away!

You have until the Aquarius full moon on August 19 to discover the ideal ways to combine your talents and also where you need to put a claw in and draw the line in your own sphere of sovereignty.


Monday, February 5, Virgo begins a new cycle to boost your productivity! That day, your ruler, nimble Mercury, wings its way into Aquarius and your sixth house of organization and healthy routines until February 23rd. With the messenger planet in your decadent fifth house for the past few weeks, you may have strayed from your normal routines, but now you can bring order back into your world just the way you like it. Sure, it’s been fun to eat, drink and party, but you know you feel more focused and are more productive when you act in moderation. From now on, “treats” can be things that boost your energy and provide clean fuel for your body. Since Mercury is a natural socializer, let your hangouts over the next few weeks revolve around healthy pursuits. Meet up with friends for a yoga class, followed by dinner at a vegan restaurant. See if anyone wants to be your workout buddy. This will make it harder to step back from some things, but it will also be MUCH more fun!
The love doctor will be in control this Wednesday as flirtatious Venus in your vibrant fifth house, along with Uranus in your adventure zone. Put your agenda and judgments aside and see if you can just stay in the moment; this is when you’re at your most charming and charismatic. Talk to people with an open and friendly air. Do not try to “figure them out”. Probably the less you try, the more likely you are to get exactly what you are hoping for! If you are in a relationship, throw off your comfy clothes, get dressed and go out and do something that adds romance, whether it’s a candlelit dinner or a hip-hop show. The whole point is that you are doing it together and you love it. This is also a highly creative day, so if you’re in the middle of an art project, take a few hours and follow the channel of inspiration. But be warned: A day later, the Sun in your restrictive sixth house will make a square aspect to Uranus, which could activate your inner critic. Don’t start ruining your daily adventures. No one is perfect and it’s okay if your art is far from a masterpiece. The important thing is that you allow yourself to stretch and play, which will contribute to your growth more than you realize.


What is the first order of the week for Libra? Be careful who takes care of YOU. On Monday, February 5, Mercury will wing its way into Aquarius and activate your fun, passionate fifth house until February 23. Get out of hibernation mode and enjoy being the center of attention. Being admired and followed is good for your ego! Playing an elusive game can increase the risk, but don’t be so elusive that admiring parties lose interest. Get at least one promising plan on the calendar before the week ends. If in a relationship, get out of your couple bubble and go public as a couple. You may have to fight the gravitational pull of your armchair, but you’ll remember the pleasures of an active social life when you go out with your team. The fifth house also rules fame and glamor, and with the messenger planet in residence until February 23, it’s the perfect time to update your personal brand. Sprinkle your classic elegance with some maximalist touches like bold patterns and pops of color.
Thanks to change-maker Uranus in your intimate eighth house, life behind closed doors can get very interesting midweek. On Wednesday, your ruler Venus, parked in your local sector, trines the sideways planet. Just like THIS, some Libras may feel ready to move to a new place, rethink your decor scheme or welcome someone new under your roof – a love, pet or even a family member. Tap into your own deep creative and spiritual side. Look at esoteric books or blogs; spend time learning with a deck of divination cards and giving a reading to yourself or a friend. When the Sun makes a square aspect to Uranus on Thursday, get pent-up emotions out of your head and into your journal. Is there a magazine or newspaper lying around? This could be the day you finally create a vision board!

St. Valentine spreads his wings for an early visit on Friday, February 9, thanks to 2024’s only new moon in Aquarius. Combining the Sun and Mercury to recharge your fifth house of romance, glamor and self-expression, this lunar ascendant could lead you to an inspiring romance. If you’re at an impasse in your current relationship, you may suddenly see creative solutions where there used to be only roadblocks and walls. Single Libras without a lover may find themselves reflexively re-entering dating apps to see someone new. Consider this Friday as a new beginning for your love life and don’t drag the troubles of the past into your future. For couple Libras, bigger issues such as the next steps you want to take can be discussed between now and the full moon in Aquarius on August 19. Will it be a new baby, a wedding ring on your ring finger, or band practice or other creative collaborations? Libra, dream without allowing too much interference. This is also the best day to start a fame-bringing project or begin your 2024 style update. With the dynamic Year of the Dragon kicking off on Saturday’s New Moon New Year, you’ll be more in the public eye in 2024 and the true Libra style will be revealed at its most striking!


Is your home ready to receive guests? Stock up on snacks and pull out spare pillows and blankets. For the next few weeks, your home is where your heart will be beating, along with a significant part of your inner circle. Social Mercury moves into Aquarius on Monday, February 5, making a soft landing in your fourth house. Dinner, movie and game nights can set you off on a lively home adventure. Whether or not you play the role of entertainment director, you’ll want to make the house a little more comfortable to make it more functional. What project are you dreaming about: a mini office, an exercise studio, a serene meditation space? By February 23rd you will feel motivated to create this personal sanctuary. Just make sure you start with a well-thought-out plan.

Midweek could bring a few jolts to your close relationships, but that’s a good thing. On Wednesday, charming Venus in your extroverted third house hugs transformative Uranus in your partnership zone, opening the door to joyful banter and unbridled fun. You could romance someone from the friend zone or dating app (since Uranus rules technology). If the green flags are flying, explore! But restrain yourself before reporting every detail to your inner circle. On Thursday, Uranus is controlled by the Sun, which forms a tense square in your fourth house. Friends and family may be protective, but their well-meaning advice could short-circuit a relationship worth exploring. Take your own leadership!

On Friday, February 9, the year’s only new moon in ultra-social Aquarius activates your fourth house, so get busy at home. As a secret control freak who likes things “just so”, you’ll feel more comfortable entertaining on your own terms, rather than diving into the randomness of other people’s homes. (At least once you’ve established a trust with your guests!) If you’re the rare Scorpio who lives in the midst of clutter, your new moon mission is to start simplifying. The trick is not to compete to replace what you give away. Even if you share the house with someone, you need at least one small space where you can close the door and shut out the rest of the world. Start designing your Scorpio sanctuary this week. Do you have a move in mind? Check the lists because a dream place could emerge within two weeks of the new moon. This energy also has a strong maternal pull; a mother figure or strong woman could take on a bigger role in your life from now until the August 19 full moon.


Sagittarius, whatever you’re selling, we’ll buy two! On Monday, February 5, Mercury sails into Aquarius and ignites your third house of communication. From now until February 23, you’ll be an inspiration broadcasting your message in all directions. But no one will hear you if you play small, Sagittarius. Go out and consolidate and expand the radius of your inner circle. Don’t overlook the obvious: You already have a great group of friends, so start there. Of course, with the messenger planet in this community-oriented house, things don’t have to be limited to work and self-promotion. Take the reins and organize “fun for fun’s sake” activities like ice skating, hiking in a snow-covered park or warming up by the fire and karaoke machine. The third house rules short trips. If wanderlust strikes, treat yourself to some local road trips. Or take it upon yourself to explore up-and-coming neighborhoods. Who knows? You might even find your next home base.

Midweek, you can handle some mundane tasks like reviewing bank and credit card statements, paying bills and setting up workflow systems for your Q1 tasks. But with pioneering Uranus in your pragmatic sixth house, you don’t have to be as dry as toast. With Venus coming into play on Wednesday, do little things to stay motivated, whether that means making a mood playlist or brewing a pot of tea you’ve been saving for special occasions. While you’re at it, why not do some digital file digging? With the curious Aquarian Sun controlling Uranus on Thursday, you need to keep a close eye on technology. Update your software, clean up your Inbox and remove all those icons from your desktop. Do you have another hour? Stock the fridge with healthy food; this can also be used as a “fresh air” break and is a good type of multitasking. When it’s all over, you’ll feel organized, grounded and sane.
Sagittarius, where are the social butterflies flocking to these days and, moreover, how quickly can you get there? This Friday, February 9, 2024’s only new moon in Aquarius flaps its slender wings in your third house of collaboration, communication and intimate activities. Gather round and explore newly opened spaces. You could quickly gain mayor status in a cafe, fitness studio or bookstore that feels like home away from home. A short getaway, whether it’s a road trip or a long weekend at the beach, can revitalize your lust for life. This can also be used as an opportunity to get to know a new group of friends better. Invite them on your trip and let the relationship begin.


Money money money! Your personal finances get a boost on Monday, February 5, as analytical Mercury leaves your sign and moves into Aquarius and your second house of financial security until February 23. The next three weeks are perfect for a serious review of your finances. Are you on track towards at least one of your income-boosting goals? If so, keep up the good work and make sure that all the money you spend is working equally well for you. Talk to a professional financial advisor about building or diversifying your portfolio. Are funds still too limited? Don’t worry! As they say, there’s no time like the present, so take the hint to evaluate your spending habits and see where you can save more. Budgets are not attractive, but having enough money for vacations, splurging occasionally and owning your own home one day is certainly attractive. If you have to put yourself on a temporary austerity program, make it a game to save as much as possible and stay focused on your long-term goals. Slow and steady will get you there!


Social Mercury’s three-week visit to your sign officially ends on Monday, February 5. Everyone may want to steal your time, but there are only so many hours in a day. Don’t feel like you have to spend hours on anything (or anyone) that is too negative or energy-sucking. You’ve paid your dues in this department in Aquarius and now it’s time to flap your social butterfly wings. This is a better time to develop new interests rather than spinning wheels with the same old friends with the same complaints. Put yourself out there and check out new scenes, from art to activism. Postpone officially signing up somewhere, though. Until February 23rd, there’s plenty to do while hosting Mercury.

If you need a break from the spotlight, Wednesday’s stars will bring some relaxation as elegant Venus harmonizes with transformative Uranus in your home sphere. Slip your feet into your plush slippers, brew a cup of spiced tea and take a few steps to transform your home into your private island of calm. It will be easier to have “those conversations” today as people will be more harmonious. You might be inspired to try an IKEA tip or recycle an old item. The clash between the Sun and Uranus in Aquarius on Thursday can set your teeth on edge. Everyone around you will be hypersensitive; but wait, is it them or you? Trying to figure THIS out will be a fool’s errand, so if you start to feel emotionally bad, take your cue to find the quickest way to wrap up the conversation before emotions turn into a dramatic conflagration.

Fortunately, Friday, February 9 marks the new moon in Aquarius, an event that will catalyze multiple new beginnings. It’s also the eve of the Lunar New Year. Whether you’re starting a different job, moving to a new address, revamping your style, or simply revitalizing your positive outlook on the world, you’re ready to start a clean slate for yourself. But first, honor yourself for being such a brave agent of change, willing to leap even in the face of uncertainty. Your struggles of the past year, and the way you have managed them, have given you an incredible foundation from which you can grow and evolve. Looking ahead, how can you pass on your wisdom to others? The attention-grabbing vibrations of the Year of the Dragon can help you attract a bigger crowd than you expect. This new moon could inspire you to write, speak or teach about your experiences. Or maybe wear them like a badge of pride. Authenticity suits you very well! If you lack inspiration, invest in personal development workshops, classes and coaching sessions. What started as a curiosity could turn into a side profession or an entirely new path with the Aquarius full moon on August 19.


Cautious Mercury calls for introspection on Monday, February 5, but we’re not talking about diving down a rabbit hole you can’t get out of. With the messenger planet taking its deep dive into Aquarius and your mystical twelfth house until February 23rd, this is a prime time for spiritual connection and divine inspiration. Mentors and “earth angels” will now surround you, so if you’re feeling stuck, reach out to people who walk the same path as you. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, your creative energy will flow. Harness the power of soothing expression. Whatever is going on in your emotional environment can be turned into poetry, painting, song lyrics or performance art. However you prefer to work on issues, this Mercury cycle will send you on a personal healing journey. Pamper yourself and be kind to yourself; embrace the possibility of cutting ties completely with a difficult person in your life.

Put on your social armor midweek, Pisces. Thanks to Wednesday’s harmonious union of friendly Venus and quirky Uranus in your houses, you’ll be a people magnet, attracting all sorts of characters. If you’ve been keeping a low (or lower than normal) profile lately, this one-day transit will pull you out of seclusion. You may encounter eager adventurers everywhere you go, but if you just need a night out with your closest circle, then don’t post your whereabouts on social media. If it’s romance you seek, keep your intentions light and playful. On Thursday, a clash between Sun Uranus in your lonely twelfth house could send you running back to your favorite hiding place. Make sure you don’t isolate yourself to avoid potential “rejection”.

It’s hard for Pisces to give up, even when it no longer serves you. But this Friday, February 9, you may finally be ready to wave the white flag when the year’s only new moon in Aquarius lands in your twelfth house of healing. Are you missing out on magical moments with people who let you “just be” while you race to prove your commitment to more demanding people? This new moon could illuminate the ways in which you please others at your own expense. Enough of this! It’s not yet clear whether these people expect you to follow their orders and seek them out, but if you start to set boundaries you will realize this immediately. This Moon ascendant is the perfect time to start (or continue) a practice such as yoga, meditation or working on a creative project that is divinely inspired. As the most spiritual sign of the 12 signs, you’ll be sad to say goodbye to the Water Rabbit (Pisces’ equivalent in Eastern astrology) when the Lunar New Year arrives on February 10. But the highly original year of the Dragon brings its own sparkling magic. Dazzle as much as you can!

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