Bad news for iRobot from Amazon! Customers are worried

Amazon has hit a European roadblock in its attempt to buy iRobot. Is iRobot right to worry about the company's future? Here are the details...

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Bad news for iRobot from Amazon! Customers are worried

Amazon’s attempt to acquire iRobot was rejected in Europe. The cancellation of Amazon’s $1.4 billion deal to acquire iRobot has raised concerns about the future of iRobot and the competitive dynamics in the industry.

The European Union blocked the deal!

Amazon and iRobot terminated the acquisition deal announced in 2022, stating that they could not obtain regulatory approval in the European Union. However, the European Commission was concerned that the acquisition could harm consumers by restricting competition.

The review shows that Amazon has the potential to disable its competitors and dominate the market. Following these developments, iRobot suspended its R&D activities. The company took steps to reduce costs by reducing the number of staff (31 percent).

The company also halted its work on innovations other than floor care and reduced its R&D spending. iRobot Founder Colin Angle said the termination of the agreement with Amazon was disappointing. However, he emphasized that the company will continue its customer-focused approach.

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Bad news for iRobot from Amazon! Customers are worried

Things didn’t work out for iRobot

Angle’s departure from the company and the halting of R&D efforts have led to uncertainty about the future of the company. This has undermined iRobot’s reputation as an industry pioneer and leader in bringing innovative products to consumers.

The failed deal raises questions about iRobot’s future. Amazon’s failed attempt to acquire iRobot has led to uncertainty over the company’s future. However, iRobot’s commitment to customer focus and innovation could play an important role in shaping the company’s future.



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