Solving the biggest problem of electric cars!

Important steps have been taken in lithium-air battery technology. The new battery, which can be charged 1000 times, offers a range of 1700 km

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Solving the biggest problem of electric cars!

As the use of electric cars has become more widespread, charging and range issues have come to the fore. While the average range of lithium-ion batteries used today varies, US researchers have taken important steps in lithium-air battery technology.

The dream battery: What is a lithium-air battery?

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory and the Illinois Institute of Technology in the US have made a breakthrough that could revolutionize the world of technology, especially electric cars. According to the latest research, lithium-air batteries could enter mass production.

Solving the biggest problem of electric cars!

The values of the prototype lithium-air battery developed by the team were shared. Accordingly, it was reported that it can withstand 1000 charge-discharge cycles in tests. This is an acceptable level for real-world use. It also means a big improvement compared to previous lithium-air batteries that deteriorated rapidly.

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The lithium-air technology, the so-called “dream battery”, offers an energy capacity of around 3000 watts/hour per kilogram. This means that it is about 10 times more powerful than lithium-ion batteries with 300 watts/hour.

Solving the biggest problem of electric cars! 1

With more than 4 times the capacity of lithium-ion, lithium-air batteries could enable electric vehicles to reach ranges of up to 1700 km on a single charge. Considering that today’s vehicles have ranges of 400-500 km, this is a very ambitious figure.

Lithium-air batteries are expected to arrive in cars by 2030. Then they are planned to power airplanes and trucks. Let’s see who will be the first brand to use this technology.


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