Netflix’s stunning series Griselda reaches a new high on Rotten Tomatoes

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Netflix's stunning series Griselda reaches a new high on Rotten Tomatoes
Sofia Vergara in Griselda (Netflix)

Netflix’s latest original series Griselda has reached a milestone on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

The 6-part mini-series is based on the true life story of Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug trafficker who ran a cocaine cartel in 1980s Miami.

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara stars in the title role, while The Candidate’s Alberto Guerra also stars in the series.

At the time of writing, Griselda is the highest-rated movie or TV show Vergara has ever starred in, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 88 percent. Vergara’s previous successes include the culinary drama Chef, which has a score of 87 percent.

The popular sitcom Modern Family, in which Vergara plays the young wife of wealthy Jay Pritchett, played by Ed O’Neill, ranks slightly lower at 85 percent.

Audience response to Griselda has been positive, with many people sharing their appreciation for the series and Vergara’s acting on social media.

One viewer wrote on X/Twitter, “I’m watching Griselda and I’m really surprised that Sofia Vergara has been acting for so long and this is the first time she has had the opportunity to show us her range. She’s doing tremendous acting. I’m sure the upcoming awards season will bless her,” he wrote.

GriseldaNetflix's stunning series Griselda reaches a new high on Rotten Tomatoes
Christian Tappan as Arturo in Griselda and Sofia Vergara as Griselda (Netflix)

Another viewer commented:

That was shocking! I finished all 6 episodes in a row! A must watch! It was mind-blowing to see how Griselda Blanco dominated the Miami drug cartel and took down her male rivals! She was ruthless!

“Whoever thought Sofia Vergara would be perfect as Griselda Blanco in #Griselda deserves an award,” commented another.

Appearing on Good Morning America this month, Vergara spoke about taking on the role, which she said was her first performance in Spanish.

“Being a part of this project was both a pleasure and torture for me,” the famous actress said.

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Vergara talked about the extensive makeover necessary to make her look more like the real Griselda Blanco.

On Clarkson’s suggestion that the change “seemed slight”, Vergara said:

It’s too much! They’ve done so much to me! My teeth, my wig, my nose. My whole face was plastic.

Vergara also had to learn how to fake cocaine for the series.

Griselda is still available on Netflix.


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