Texas Border Tensions: Federal Agents Resist Razor Wire Removal as Deadline Expires

The US Border Patrol has 'no intentions' to remove razor wire installed by Texas, according to Fox

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Federal agents do not have plans to remove the razor wire installed by Texas along a section of the US-Mexico border, as reported by Fox News, citing a senior Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official.

This development follows the expiration of the deadline set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for Texas to “remove any and all obstructions” to access into Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, which lapsed on Friday.

The CBP official stated, “Border Patrol has no plans to remove infrastructure (c-wire) placed by Texas along the border. Our posture remains the same. If we need to access an area for emergency response, we will do so. When that happens, we will coordinate with Texas DPS [Department of Public Safety] & TMD [Texas Military Department].”

Tensions between the White House and Texas regarding immigration escalated on Monday when the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has the authority to take down the concertina wire erected by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to deter illegal border crossings.

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Abbott has accused President Joe Biden of neglecting immigration law enforcement and characterized the influx of migrants attempting to cross the border as an “invasion.” He asserted on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, “Texas will continue to exercise its constitutional right to protect and defend our southern border. In President Biden’s absence, we will hold the line to keep Texans – and Americans – safe.”

In an open letter published on Thursday, 25 Republican governors expressed support for Abbott, stating that the federal government had “attacked and sued Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.”

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre labeled Abbott’s actions as a “political stunt” and accused him of creating “a dangerous situation” at the border. She asserted that the governor is hindering Border Patrol from carrying out actions necessary to “save lives,” as she informed reporters this week.

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