Biden and Trump visit Texas on same day amid border security debate

In the US, where border security and irregular migrants are the most important domestic policy issues, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump visited Texas on the same day

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As the US presidential elections to be held on November 5 approach, Biden and Trump went to the US-Mexico border on the same day and delivered messages to voters on border security.

US President Biden visited the Brownswille region of Texas to examine the latest situation on border security.

Biden, who received information from border guard officials on the passage of irregular migrants and security measures related to the border, stated that they will make the US-Mexico border more secure.

“I want the American people to know what we are trying to accomplish here. (On border security) We cannot tolerate not doing it,” Biden said, inspecting the edge of the Rio Grande River, which is the most heavily used by irregular migrants.

On the other hand, Trump, who met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott at another point of the border and made inspections at the zero point, argued that irregular migrants can enter the US very easily and commented, “This is an invasion caused by Joe Biden.”

During his contacts in Eagle Pass, Texas, Trump frequently stated that he would “secure the borders if he becomes president” and criticized the policies of the Biden administration. Trump, who also visited the area where Texas Governor Abbott placed barbed wire on the border, said, “This is like war.”

In a statement made by the Republican campaign team, it was stated that it was a “disingenuous attempt” for Biden’s visit to coincide with Trump’s previously announced visit.

The visits of Biden and Trump, which coincided on the same day in Texas, are interpreted as “the race for votes between Democrats and Republicans over border security will heat up” in the process leading up to the 2024 presidential elections.


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