Missouri senator calls for a duel

"The duel will be held in the senate well at noon on the date agreed upon by the parties," the proposal reads

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A Missouri senator has proposed reviving a practice used by America’s founding fathers to settle disputes when tensions rise in the state legislature: Dueling.

“If a senator’s honor is impugned by another senator to the point that it is beyond repair and in order for the offended senator to gain satisfaction, such senator may rectify the perceived insult to the senator’s honor by challenging the offending senator to a duel,” states the proposal which was written by state Sen Nick Schroer.

“The trusted representative, known as the second, of the offended senator shall send a written challenge to the offending senator. The two senators shall agree to the terms of the duel, including choice of weapons, which shall be witnessed and enforced by their respective seconds,” it continues.

“The duel shall take place in the well of the senate at the hour of high noon on the date agreed to by the parties to the duel.”

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Missouri Senate Democrats underscored the ongoing bitterness on the other side of the aisle, posting the proposal on X with the caption: “The Missouri Republican Civil War continues to escalate as a member of the Freedom Caucus faction has filed a proposed rule change to allow Senators to challenge an ‘offending senator to a duel.’”

Schroer’s chief of staff, Jamey Murphy, told Newsweek that the state senator is “deeply committed to restoring a sense of honor in the Missouri Senate.”

“While the idea of a duel is metaphorical, the real message is to promote respect and remind members that the words used in a debate can have real consequences,” Murphy emphasized.

Missouri State Senate Leader Caleb Rowden this week removed several members of the Missouri Freedom Caucus from their committee chairmanships following extreme controversy within the party.

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Here’s how Rowden explained his decision in X:

A parliament designed to be filled with civilized, principled statesmen and stateswomen has been taken over by a small group of swamp animals who remind me more of my children than my colleagues.



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