The power of the Jewish Lutis in France!

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The power of the Jewish Lutis in France!
President Emmanuel Macron has appointed 34-year-old Education Minister Gabriel Attal as prime minister.

Do you know what Crystal Night is?

Not to be confused with the ‘white nights’ associated with St. Petersburg, Russia! In 1938, Nazi groups attacked Jewish homes, shops and synagogues. 91 Jews lost their lives and hundreds were seriously injured. 7,500 businesses were looted and 180 synagogues were burned down. This is what they called “Crystal Night”.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 1

The Jews of France, the largest Jewish community in Europe, are the beneficiaries of Crystal Night in the old continent of Europe. In the country where approximately 550 thousand Jews live, many members of this minority group have complained in recent years that they do not feel safe. But their situation is not that bad. But whoever you touch in the government is always Jewish.

Successive French Prime Ministers of Jewish origin!…

The current President of France, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, is a former Rothschild banker. Whether he too has Jewish blood is for you to decide.

Despite his secular family, his supposedly voluntary Catholic baptism at the age of 11 and his entry into Providence, a Jesuit school in Amiens, show that he was a project child.

He is married to Brigitte Trogneux, a French teacher 24 years his senior.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 2

It was reported in the French media that Macron was playing this kind of marriage theater to hide his sexual orientation. Where do you get it from?

Just him?

Born on April 18, 1961 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Elisabeth Borne, the non-French Prime Minister of France, is Norman on her mother’s side and Jewish on her father’s. Her father was a survivor of the Holocaust, the Shoah, which means “catastrophe” in Hebrew, who was deported to death camps in 1942.

Borne is a staunch Macronist, known as a technocrat and leftist. She served as an advisor to ministers under François Mitterrand, including Socialist environment minister Ségolène Royal in 2014. She is the daughter of a Jewish father of Russian origin who fled to France in 1939.

The resignation of French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has shaken France to its core.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 3

Elisabeth Borne has struggled to secure a parliamentary majority during her time in office and was expected to resign after the country’s crisis over the new immigration law in December. Borne, 62, was France’s second female prime minister after Édith Cresson in 1991-1992. She also has no family life.

France’s Prime Minister Gabriel Attal de Couriss, Jewish and gay.

Then President Emmanuel Macron appointed 34-year-old Education Minister Gabriel Attal as prime minister. 34-year-old French education minister Gabriel Attal has been named the country’s new prime minister in a historic appointment by President Emmanuel Macron, who aims to relaunch his government’s waning popularity.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 4

Attal is France’s youngest-ever prime minister and the first openly gay man to hold the post. This makes him one of the most prominent and powerful LGBTQ politicians in deviant Europe.

Pedophilic persecution of Muslim schoolgirls in France!…

In 1989, in Creil and Montfermeil, France, a total of 6 female students were expelled from school in 1990 for refusing to remove their headscarves.

While the issue of headscarves at school was debated for many years, in 2004 the use of religious symbols, including headscarves, was banned in all public primary and secondary schools.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 5

In 2015, a middle school student and in 2016, a high school student were excluded from school for wearing long skirts. The pedophilic French education system has reduced the issue to skirt length.

In the last year, there has been a debate about whether the loose and long dress called “abaya” is “religious clothing” and whether it should be worn in schools.

Attal, a rising star of Macron’s Renaissance Party, has been minister of education and national youth since July. During his tenure, he enforced a controversial ban on the wearing of abayas in French public schools. The length or brevity of the skirt could threaten secularism.

Homosexuality in Judaism

There does not seem to be a single approach on this issue. In an interview in 2018, Ivo Molinas, the editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of Shalom, the weekly newspaper of the Jews of Turkey, stated that the Jewish faith and Jews in general do not tolerate homosexuality.

There is no precise definition of sex in either the Torah or the Talmud. Judaism’s attitude towards sex involves an element of balance. It requires moral discipline, but it does not advocate excessive avoidance of material pleasures. In the Jewish tradition, sexual intercourse is seen as a spiritual and sacred phenomenon that brings happiness.

The Torah strongly opposes homosexual behavior. According to Leviticus (20:13), two men in a homosexual relationship are punishable by death. The Torah does not mention lesbianism.

In general, the Jewish religion and Sharia do not approve of homosexuality.

What I can’t understand is how French politicians who declare that they are Jewish can reconcile such sexual preferences with their faith, and how the Jewish community to which they belong doesn’t make an issue of it?

Is Gabriel Attal de Couriss linked to Jeffrey Epstein?

Attal is the youngest openly gay prime minister in modern French history, surpassing even the Socialist Laurent Fabius, who was 37 when he was appointed by François Mitterrand in 1984.

The French cannot be too proud of this.

Attal will represent France in the European Parliament elections in June, replacing Elisabeth Borne, who resigned as prime minister after 20 months in office. Attal is a supporter of Macron’s ideology of eradicating the old left-right divide and rewriting the codes of French politics.

When French President Emmanuel Macron reshuffled the Cabinet with Élisabeth Borne last month, he appointed Attal, who was in charge of public spending, as Minister of Education. Following Attal’s appointment as Minister of Education, reactions on social media snowballed.

Targeted for being gay, Attal was also accused of belonging to a secret lobby.

Could that secret lobby have been among the close associates of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire accused of creating a network of sexual abuse and prostitution of girls in the United States, who committed suicide in his cell?

Macron Boy/Son Macron

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 6

Gabriel Attal, nicknamed “Macron Boy”, was born on March 16, 1989 in Hauts-de-Seine. Gabriel Attal is the son of Yves Attal, a Tunisian lawyer of Jewish origin who died in 2015, and Marie de Couriss, a filmmaker of French-Greek-Russian origin, descended from Orthodox Christians from Odessa.

He grew up in Paris with his three sisters and uses his full name Gabriel Attal de Couriss.

For his own sake, could there be another reason why Gabriel Attal is called Macron Boy/Son Macron because of his mother?

Attal said that he was “relieved” when his father Yves Attal died of cancer on November 12, 2015. “I was relieved when my father passed away because I started to live my homosexuality more openly.”

Attal likes to speak through his father’s mouth. “My father told me: ‘Maybe you are Orthodox, but you will feel Jewish all your life, mainly because you will be exposed to anti-Semitism because of your name’.”

His father was right; Attal faced anti-Semitic attacks at every stage of his career and turned them into an opportunity.

Attal’s first challenge as Minister of Education was the ban on the abaya.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 7

After the start of the new school year, France banned the abaya in schools and sent hundreds of students home for refusing to change their clothes. This is not the first time France has taken such a decision. The headscarf was banned in public schools in 2004 on the grounds that it violated secular laws.

Attal defended the abaya ban by saying: “When you step into a classroom, you shouldn’t be able to tell at a glance which religion the students belong to.”

Following the ban on the abaya, left-wing politicians raised concerns that the rights of Muslim women and girls were being violated.

He was educated at the École Alsacienne, a Protestant private school in the 6th arrondissement of Paris favored by high-profile parents in politics and the arts, where English classes are compulsory from primary school level.

After his bachelor’s degree, he studied at the prestigious Sciences Po University and earned a master’s degree in public relations. According to his friends, his political ambitions were ignited when he joined a demonstration against Jean-Marie Le Pen, after the far-right leader won the vote in the 2002 presidential run-off against Jacques Chirac.

In 2006, he joined the Socialist party and supported the Liberal Party. He lives with Stéphane Séjourné, president of the Renew Europe (Liberal) group in the European Parliament, who was appointed secretary-general of Renaissance, the new name of La République en Marche, in September 2022.

The apple of Russian Jewry’s eye!

“In any case, France intends to open a dialogue with Russia and maintain relations between the two countries. Russia is and will remain our neighbor. Relations with Russia will be maintained in any case.”

Turkey is not warmly welcomed!…

In 2020, French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal said that “Europe stood behind its country with great solidarity” in the face of criticism from Muslim countries, especially Turkey, over the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

French President Macron will ask Gabriel Attal, whom he has appointed as prime minister, to continue a political move to arm Armenia. The main reason for this is that Azerbaijan does not give France a sniff of its energy resources such as oil and natural gas.

And other reasons?

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 8

They brought in someone whose father was Tunisian, probably to integrate Africans of Berber descent from countries like Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia living in France.

I think it’s hopeless.


Because we lost this chance a long time ago with practices that turned into Islamaphobia. The streets of Paris are waiting for a new spark. Even the French police cannot stop the events.

Basque nationalism and the Catalan independent movement are counting the days to revolt.

The power of the Jewish Lutis in France! 9

And don’t forget the Corsicans, the Corsicans. The National Liberation Front of Corsica, the FLNC, could erupt at any moment like Vesuvius, like Etna.

Jew against Jew. This assignment, probably at the suggestion of the French deep state, was intended to prevent a possible military operation against Lebanon by the Israeli army, which has been turned into a whipping boy in Gaza.

In Lebanon, there is a strong French and Iranian lobby alliance against Israel.

It has been a long time since the Ancient Turkish State of the World has adjusted France. Those who are curious about the codes of this adjustment should read the famous letter sent by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent to King Francis I of France, which begins with “I am the sultan of sultans, the sultan of kings, the shadow of Allah on earth who gives crowns to rulers…” and continues with “You are Francis, the king of the province of France…”.

For those who are not satisfied, let them look at how Cezzar Ahmed Pasha, the camel butcher, devastated the French Army under the command of Napoléon Bonaparte in front of the Acre Castle on May 21, 1799, when the French Army under the command of Napoléon Bonaparte invaded Egypt in 1798. Napoleon, who suffered his first defeat in the face of Cezzar Ahmed Pasha, said: “If I had not been stopped at Acre, I could have conquered the whole East!”

Let continental Europe and even France get caught up in the high-speed train trend as much as they want. Lutilik will surely destroy them.


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