Wagner defied the Russian army!

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Wagner defied the Russian army!

Coup attempt in Russia: Wagner, a mercenary group condoned by Putin, rebels against the Russian army!

The Wagner leader, who has made statements against the Russian Defense Ministry for months, made an unorthodox statement against the leaders of the Russian military, saying he would “stop” them and asking Russian citizens to remain calm.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin was “aware of the developments” and emphasized that “all necessary measures will be taken.”

According to Russia’s public broadcaster RIA Novosti, the Federal Security Agency has opened a criminal investigation on the grounds that he started an armed uprising.

In the audio recording released by his spokesmen, Prigojin said, “We were ready to make concessions to the Defense Ministry, we were going to lay down our arms. Today we see that the promises were broken. They launched missile attacks on our camps.”

Prigojin said, “Wagner’s council of commanders made a decision. The evil brought by this country’s army must be stopped,” he said, calling on the Russians “not to resist them”. “There are 25,000 of us, and we will see why there is complete lawlessness in this country,” the Wagner leader said.

“We are not staging a coup,” Prigojin said, adding, “We are marching for justice. Our actions do not endanger ordinary Russian soldiers.”

“Prigojin’s statements do not correspond to reality,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is aware of the situation of Yevgeniy Prigojin, the leader of the private military company Wagner, and all necessary measures are being taken.

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov informed about the media reports on Yevgeniy Prigojin, the leader of the private military company Wagner.

Speaking to reporters, Peskov said, “President (Vladimir) Putin has been informed about all the events related to Prigojin. The necessary measures are being taken.”
Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry said that claims on social media that the Russian military had carried out airstrikes on Wagner’s camps were untrue.

FSB charges Prigojin with ‘calling for military uprising’

Meanwhile, Russia’s National Counter-Terrorism Committee announced that the Federal Security Service (FSB) has opened a criminal case against Prigojin’s statements on charges of ‘calling for armed uprising’.

“The allegations spread by Yevgeni Prigojin have no basis in fact. We demand an immediate end to these illegal actions.”


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