US President Joe Biden said Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia

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Biden: “Let there be no doubt. The US commitment to the NATO alliance and Article 5 is very strong”

Biden addressed the Poles in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where he was on an official visit.

Targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech, Biden said, “He found himself at war with a nation led by a man whose courage was made of fire and steel. President Putin is facing things he did not think possible a year ago. Democracy in the world has strengthened, not weakened. Autocrats did not get stronger, they got weaker.”

Referring to the “Warsaw Uprising”, Biden said that the division and oppression ended with this event, Poland endured and won.

Emphasising that the Belarusian people and opposition leaders continue to fight for democracy, Biden said: “Autocrats understand one word: No! No, you will not take my country, my freedom and my future! A dictator trying to rebuild an empire will never be able to diminish the people’s love of freedom. Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never!” he said.

Biden stated that the US will continue to support Ukraine with its allies and partners, “Let there be no doubt. The US commitment to the NATO alliance and Article 5 is very strong.”

Stating that Russian forces and mercenaries commit crimes against humanity, kill civilians, use rape as a weapon of war, Biden said, “As Putin said today, the United States and European countries are not trying to control or destroy Russia. The West is not planning to attack Russia. Millions of Russian citizens want to live in peace with their neighbours. This war is never a necessity. It is a tragedy.”

Pointing out that every day the war continues is Putin’s choice, Biden said, “Russia’s stopping the invasion of Ukraine would be the end of the war. If Ukraine stopped defending itself, it would be the end of Ukraine.”

– “Putin was wrong”

Pointing out that air defence systems, artillery weapons, critical weapons and materials for tanks were provided for Ukrainian fighters, Biden said that when Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago, not only Ukraine was tested, the whole world faced the test of the century, the US, the EU and all democracies were tested.

Biden emphasised the importance of unity and said, “Putin thought we would give up when he gave the order for tanks to enter Ukraine. But he was wrong. Ukrainian citizens are very brave. We were very strong to unite the US, Europe, a coalition of nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific, democracy.”

Pointing out that Putin could turn energy into a weapon to break the determination, Biden noted that for this reason, they are working together to help Europe get rid of dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

Biden said, “He (Putin) thought NATO would be divided, but NATO is more united than ever.”



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