Tricks to Make Your Home Safe for Pets

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Tricks to Make Your Home Safe for Pets

Making the home safe for pets is very important for the health and well-being of your furry friend. The following tips will help you make your home safer for pets.

Safe Home for Pets

Attention to Chemical Substances

Chemicals in your home can be toxic to pets. Therefore, keep household chemicals out of the reach of pets or use safe alternatives.

Electrical Devices and Sockets

Electrical appliances and sockets in your home are always dangerous for pets. Therefore, hide the cords of electrical appliances out of the reach of animals or use protective covers.

Furniture and curtains

Sharp corners of furniture and buttons on curtains can be dangerous for animals. For this reason, you can easily take precautions by taping sharp corners and removing buttons.

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Plants in the house

Some plants in your home have the potential to harm your pets. Therefore, remove poisonous plants from your home or keep them out of reach of animals.


Parts of some pet toys can be toxic to animals. Therefore, be very sensitive when buying toys for your best friend. Choose models that will not be harmful to them.

Windows and Balconies

Your beloved pets can fall or escape from windows and balconies. Therefore, take measures to make windows and balconies safe for animals. You can use net curtains or cages in front of windows and balconies. You should also protect the edges of windows and balconies to prevent animals from falling.

IP Camera at Home for Pets

Keeping track of your pets at home with an IP camera allows you to check what they are doing, when they are doing it or some of the things they are exposed to. IP cameras can be easily installed in your home and you can access them from anywhere you have an internet connection. Follow the steps below to monitor your pets at home with an IP camera.

IP Camera Selection

Firstly, identify the areas where you want to monitor your pets and choose a suitable IP camera for them. For areas where your pets can roam around the house, you can choose cameras with motion sensors and night vision.

Camera Setup

Install the IP camera in your home and place it in areas where you want to keep track of your pets. Follow the camera’s installation instructions to make camera installation easier.

Internet Connection

A Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is required to connect the IP camera to the Internet. When setting up the camera connection, set a secure password.

Install Mobile Application

Download the mobile application offered by the IP camera manufacturer. Once you install the app on your mobile phone, you can access camera images.

Image Monitoring

To keep track of your pets, log in to the mobile app and start watching the images from the cameras. You can also save the images to either a memory card or the cloud for later review or sharing.

As a result, pets can be monitored very easily at home with an IP camera. However, always be mindful of the health and safety of pets and consult a veterinarian when necessary.



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