US President Biden’s health report was shared with the public: Healthy and vigorous

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Biden's Age and Mental Acuity Challenges: Highlights and Political Implications

US President Joe Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor announced that Biden’s health condition is “suitable to fulfil presidential duties”.

The White House shared with the public Dr O’Connor’s report containing detailed information about the health status of Biden, who is often discussed in the American public opinion whether he can fully fulfil his presidential duties due to his 80 years of age.

Following his routine checks today, O’Connor noted that the health condition of Biden, “a healthy and vigorous 80-year-old man,” is suitable to fulfil his duties as president, commander-in-chief and head of state.

The report noted that a biopsy was performed today for a lesion on Biden’s chest, but the results have not yet been released. In the report, which stated that the President’s other examinations were normal, it was also stated that “an extremely detailed neurological examination was performed” and it was reported that he did not have a neurological disease such as Parkinson’s.

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In the report, which stated that Biden, who survived the COVID-19 disease, did not have “long Covid” symptoms, it was also noted that the reason why the President constantly clears his throat is reflux in his stomach.

The oldest president in US history

Biden, who holds the title of the oldest president in US history, said he “intends to run” for the 2024 presidential elections, but has not yet officially announced his candidacy. After the health report is shared with the public, Biden is expected to announce his candidacy soon.



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