NATO prepares to send 1000 containers to Turkey for earthquake victims

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NATO is preparing for the shipment of 1,000 containers that it will send to Turkey to shelter people affected by the Kahramanmaras earthquakes, described as the “disaster of the century”.

According to a statement released by NATO’s Joint Force Command in Naples, preparations began some time ago for the shipment to Turkey of the facilities, which will consist of at least 1000 containers and will provide shelter for earthquake victims.

First, a 6-person reconnaissance team made a site inspection for the transportation and installation of the “semi-permanent” shelter facilities to Turkey. Then, the removal of the containers kept in warehouses at the NATO Southern Operations Center in Taranto, Italy, and their placement for transportation began.

As part of the transportation work coordinated by the Joint Force Command in Naples, the first part of the containers will be shipped next week.

At least 2,000 people are expected to find shelter in the semi-permanent shelter units.

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In a previous statement from NATO, it was stated that the most appropriate logistics and transportation options are being evaluated for the shipment of the shelter facilities, and that after the facilities are built, they will be placed around the tents suitable for winter conditions that NATO countries have started to send.

The facilities, which consist of headquarters complexes normally used for NATO exercises and operations, are reported to include facilities such as heating, generators and medical treatment areas.

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) General Christopher Cavoli is leading the efforts to send the units.



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