Apple has pushed the button: Android feature for iOS!

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Apple is looking for new solutions to European Union pressures. The company is turning to alternative app stores.

Adopted by many and criticized by others for its closed technology ecosystem, Apple is slowly softening its rigid stance. The company, which wants to slowly lower the wall between it and the Android world, is preparing for some innovations.

Apple starts work on alternative app stores

The Digital Markets Act, which is expected to come into force in the coming months, includes some technological regulations in Europe. Apple seems to be the most affected company. So much so that the articles related to third-party applications are leading the company to look for new ways.

Due to the legislation to be enacted by the European Union, Apple will start initiatives for alternative app stores. In terms of device freedom, this will bring iOS closer to Android in another sense.

With this, users will be able to download third-party apps without having to go to the App Store. As it is known, Apple applies a 30 percent commission on the App Store. With this initiative, it will not be affected by the much-discussed commission.

With this legislation, the European Union wants to stabilize the conditions for external developers. In addition, one of the primary goals is to improve the app experience of iPhone users. Although the legislation applies to Europe, it will affect all users. This will be a headache for the Apple company, as it also covers the standard USB-C law.

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On the other hand, Apple has released the first Beta for iOS 16.3. The new version was released for developers registered with Apple for testing. If we look at the parts that have not been changed for a long time, we can see some innovations in the emojis section. However, the first change noticed for iOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura 13.2 was in the security section. With the feature in question, user accounts will now be prompted for an additional security key when logging in from a new device.


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