New research: Your favorite songs reveal your relationship status

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Researchers in Canada have studied the role music plays in people’s relationship status. According to the study, the lyrics of the songs people listen to show what they think about a relationship.

In the study, people were divided into 4 groups in terms of attachment style. These included “anxious”, who fear rejection and seek reassurance in relationships; “reserved”, who are uncomfortable being too intimate; “confident”, who have an optimistic outlook; and “mixed”, who have confusing expectations.

In the study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Staff Relationships, 570 participants were asked to sing their favorite songs. Their attachment style to a relationship and personality traits were also determined.

Approximately 7 thousand songs were then categorized according to these 4 groups.

The songs chosen by the participants were analyzed according to their attachment styles by examining the lyrics.

The findings showed that individuals in the “anxious” group preferred songs with lyrics full of anxiety, such as Adele’s famous song Someone Like You. Confident people listened to songs like The Beatles’ Love Me Do.

“I’m interested in the role music plays in people’s lives. Lyrics are important, so pay attention to them,” said Ravin Alaei, who led the study.

“They can also reveal things about your experiences in relationships that you may not have realized,” said psychologist Alaei, who argued that the lyrics of people’s favorite songs can reflect their thoughts and feelings.

Here are some of the songs mentioned in the study:

Timid Songs

Beyoncé, Irreplaceable

Chris Brown, say goodbye

N’Sync, Bye Bye Bye

Michael Jackson, Billie Jean

TLC, Scrubs

Rihanna, Take a Bow

The Weeknd, The Hills; Heartless

Anxious songs

Adele, Someone Like You

The Police, Every Breath You Take

Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball

Adele, hi.

U2, One

Seether, Broken

No Doubt, Speech

Bruno Mars, When I Was Your Man

Drake, Hotline Bling

Confident songs:

Sonny & Cher, I Got You Babe

Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You

The Beatles, Love Me Do

Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud

Plain White Ts, I Love You

John Legend, All of Me

Michael Bublé, We Haven’t Met Yet

Beach Boys, Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Bryan Adams, (Everything I Do) I Do It for You

Etta James, finally.

Justin Bieber, Holy

Mixed songs

Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheated

Gotye, Somebody that I Used to Know

Taylor Swift, Bad Blood

Sam Smith, I’m Not the Only One

Ne Yo, So Sick

Bonnie Raitt, I Can’t Make You Love Me

Adele, Rolling in the Deep

Rihanna ft. Drake, Work

Eminem ft. Rihanna, Love the Way You Lie



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