Cold Weather Has Surprising Health Benefits

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Cold Weather Has Surprising Health Benefits

Although cold weather is frequently connected with health issues such as the common cold and flu, you may be surprised to find that the common cold offers some health advantages as well. Continue reading to find out how cooler temperatures might benefit you.

Fewer allergies: Because plants do not produce pollen throughout the winter, allergy patients often feel better in cold weather.

Less bug-borne disease: Because pesky insects like mosquitoes and ticks are scarce in cold weather, we are less likely to get the horrible diseases they may transmit, such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease.

Improved brain function: There is evidence that our brains perform better in lower temperatures. One study discovered that 62 degrees is the optimal temperature for pupils to learn, and other research discovered that individuals study better when the weather is chilly.

Increased fat burn: Being chilly may boost your capacity to burn fat in addition to requiring more calories to remain warm. It may cause the body to produce “brown fat,” which is a healthy fat that may burn off “white” fat. Furthermore, exercising in cold weather increases your body’s energy expenditure for hours afterwards, resulting in more calories burned.

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Better emotional health: We spend less time outside in cold weather, so we spend more time with family and friends. These kind of social connections have been demonstrated to lower stress and make us more calm and happy. In addition, if you suffer from seasonal depression, also known as the “winter blues,” your doctor may advise you to take a vitamin D supplement to boost your mood and keep your emotions in check.



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