People Tagging is Coming to WhatsApp Statuses: Here’s the First Screenshot

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WhatsApp brought a feature to PC!

It has been revealed that a new feature is coming to WhatsApp statuses. This new feature will make it possible to tag users in posts. It is not clear when the feature will be released.

It has been revealed that a new feature is being worked on for WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application. This feature, which appeared in the iOS beta version of the application coded, will allow users to tag a user while sharing status posts.

The story feature in services like Instagram allows us to tag users. Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s stories feature did not offer such an opportunity. The information revealed today reveals that this situation will now change. The user will be able to tag one or more of the users in their contacts.

This is what WhatsApp’s new feature will look like

People Tagging is Coming to WhatsApp Statuses: Here's the First Screenshot

The new feature WhatsApp is working on will also prioritize privacy. Users will be notified that they have been tagged in a situation, but other users will not be notified.

WhatsApp has not made any announcement about the new feature it is working on. As such, there is no information about when the feature will be available. By the way, the feature was detected in the Android beta version of the app a few days ago. So the feature will be available in both iOS and Android ecosystems.


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