Famous muralist Banksy’s latest work emerged from a bombed building in Ukraine

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The latest work by the famous graffiti and muralist Banksy appeared yesterday in Borodyanka, the Ukrainian city most affected by the Russian bombardment.

The latest work by the unknown artist Banksy appeared in a bombed-out building in Borodyanka, located about 48 kilometers northwest of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and the most affected by the bombardment since the beginning of the occupation. Banksy, who publishes his works on his social media account, shared his work depicting a girl doing gymnastics yesterday with the description “Borodyanka, Ukraine”.

Famous muralist Banksy's latest work emerged from a bombed building in Ukraine 1

Banksy is known as one of the world’s most famous artists and mostly paints his works on the surfaces of exterior structures. The mysterious artist, who does not reveal his identity, confirms the authenticity of the work by sharing it on his social media account after it is completed.



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