US military base in Poland is being expanded

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Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that the US military base in Powidz in the west of the country will be expanded.

Blaszczak, who made evaluations during his visit to Powidz Base, said that the military complex in question will support Polish forces and strengthen the entire eastern flank of the NATO alliance.

During his visit with US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski, Blaszczak said that the US military base in Powidz will be expanded and hangars and warehouses as well as a fuel depot will be built there.

Blaszczak reminded that he had discussed with US officials last week about strengthening cooperation and said, “We are planning to deliver Apache helicopters to Poland. Apaches will be a great reinforcement next to the Abrams tanks that will be in the Polish army’s equipment here next year.”

Blaszczak expressed his satisfaction with the very dynamic development of Polish-US military cooperation and thanked everyone who contributed to the growth of the American base in Powidz.



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