Marvel vs. DC Is All In The Fans’ Minds, As Evidenced By James Gunn’s New Role

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Marvel vs. DC Is All In The Fans' Minds, As Evidenced By James Gunn's New Role

Marvel vs. DC is a hot topic among fans, but James Gunn’s new position shows that both DC and Marvel companies depend on one another to advance.

The conflict between Marvel and DC is perhaps the most heated one in the entertainment industry right now, but James Gunn’s new position makes it quite clear that the fans themselves, not the studios, are the true rivals. James Gunn’s superhero movies have become increasingly successful. Gunn is a skilled storyteller, as seen by his abilities to develop and direct low-budget films like 2010’s Super and assemble super teams for both the MCU and DCU in films like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad. Even though Gunn briefly lost his job at Marvel Studios, his career continued to flourish, and Warner Bros. hired him to work on their shared universe (DCU).

James Gunn established his worth and was given the go-ahead to create the critically acclaimed spinoff series Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad. Just months out from the premiere of Gunn’s third MCU film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, his new position as co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios has just been revealed to acclaim and acclaim from all quarters. Gunn has held important positions at both Marvel and DC, putting him in a unique position to shape the future of both universes. All of this demonstrates that no one in the industry is actually debating Marvel vs. DC behind closed doors.

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James Gunn’s Example Proves Marvel Vs. DC Isn’t A Real Thing

Marvel vs. DC Is All In The Fans' Minds, As Evidenced By James Gunn's New Role 1

The DCU and the MCU clearly differ from one another in terms of themes and points of emphasis, plot choices, and the use of sources. However, they also have a lot in common, such as an emphasis on heroes and motivational themes, the creation of a vivid and imaginative world that is raised above our own reality, and frequently, they even have the same audience. In the end, Gunn is just one brilliant example of how both studios may achieve their goals of creating vast, sweeping storylines that are told across hundreds of films and television programs.

Gunn has demonstrated that narrative is at the core of both DC and Marvel as they translate generational storylines from the comic book pages to the screen thanks to his tight collaboration with both bullpens. While the MCU has had a lot more box office success to date, both sides have had a number of successful and unsuccessful movies. It’s encouraging to think that Gunn and Marvel chief Kevin Feige may pool their creative energies to develop fresh approaches to the superhero genre. Gunn and Feige remain close, as evidenced by the fact that Feige was the first person he informed about the new position.

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Why Marvel Needs DC To Do Well (And Vice Versa)

Marvel vs. DC Is All In The Fans' Minds, As Evidenced By James Gunn's New Role 2

Superhero fiction is still largely contemporary, and over the past ten years it has only really started to take off. The Sony Spiderverse, the Arrowverse, and numerous DC projects outside of the main DCU, to name a few, are available in addition to the MCU and DCU. Each has distinctive qualities that set them apart from one another, give viewers a varied viewing experience. If every movie made was based solely on the same story with no variety at all, fans of any genre may easily become weary and bored. Because there is variation, each studio may push themselves to grow and create, striving to retell stories and change up their recipe. It would not be necessary to get inventive and enlist the support of bright individuals like James Gunn to help create the future of its universe if Marvel or DC were merely competing with one another.

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