He instantly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sent to his account by mistake

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The rapper, who shared the lyrics he wrote about the issue on social media, pleaded guilty in court

The rapper, whose bank account in Australia was mistakenly sent 759 thousand Australian dollars, spent the money. Abdel Ghadia pleaded guilty at a hearing in Sydney on Wednesday.

Ghadia’s shopping spree in Sydney and Brisbane began when he woke up one morning in October 2020 to thousands of dollars in his account.

The unnamed couple was sending money to the bank to buy a house when they entered the numbers incorrectly and sent the amount to Ghadia.

Ghadia then bought gold bullion for 600,000 Australian dollars. The rapper also spent thousands of dollars on designer clothes and makeup.

The captured Ghadia initially claimed that he did not spend the couple’s money, but admitted his guilt during an interrogation in October 2021:

“The money fell into my account. I spent it, I had no idea how it came in. I told the bank, but I went and spent it.”

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The 24-year-old rapper also shared a lyric he wrote on social media:

“Detectives are making offers, asking where the money went. They listen to all my phone calls, but I speak a different language.”

Ghadia, who was released but given a travel ban and a curfew between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., will be sentenced at a hearing on December 2.



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