He lost his way on the podium and could not find his way down

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The debates about Joe Biden, who defeated Donald Trump in the last US elections and became the president for 4 years, never end. Biden, who is at the center of criticism due to his advanced age, is once again on the agenda with his actions that will justify these criticisms…

Since the day he was elected to the presidency, Joe Biden has been caught in a big ball of problems such as the coronavirus epidemic, the economic troubles plaguing the US, and finally the war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

Biden, who wants to regain the support of voters before the upcoming midterm elections and tries to reduce the impact of the OPEC+ crisis, inaugurated the Fern Hollow Bridge, an important infrastructure move, during his visit to Pittsburgh yesterday.

Biden promised to repair the dilapidated bridge 9 months ago and mobilized his means. The US President wanted to score points for himself by presenting this as a political victory at the opening yesterday.

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But once again, the world’s attention was focused not on this move, but on Biden’s actions on the podium.

US President Joe Biden, who has been constantly on the agenda with his gaffes in recent months and allegedly suffering from dementia, has once again become the subject of ridicule, so to speak, when he made another one of the same gaffes.

He lost his way on the podium and could not find his way down 1
Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is almost Biden’s arch-enemy, constantly shares such gaffes on his social media account

Speaking at the opening of the Fern Hollow Bridge, Joe Biden turned around on the stage after the ceremony was over and said something into the void.

Then, disoriented on the podium and not knowing what to do, Biden ran off the stage with the guidance of the staff after trying to find his destination by making a circle around himself.

Because of the White House social media accounts broadcasting the ceremony live, these moments were seen and shared by countless people in an instant.

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Biden had previously come to the agenda with such behavior and was subjected to criticism from the opposition Republican Party in the US that he should be impeached.

He lost his way on the podium and could not find his way down 2

Joe Biden, who was caught reading something from a cheat sheet in June this year, also shook hands with emptiness in April, that is, he thought he was shaking hands with someone by extending his hand in the air when no one was in front of him.




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