Liz Truss’ natural gas plan revealed

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With a majority of Conservative votes, Liz Truss was chosen as the new prime minister of the UK yesterday. She has now unveiled her natural gas policy.

After Boris Johnson submitted his resignation, the UK’s next prime minister was revealed.

The votes cast by Conservative Party members resulted in Liz Truss’ victory in the leadership contest.

Truss’ natural gas plan has surfaced, underscoring her promise to offer solutions to the energy and national health service problems in her victory speech.

She created a draft plan, according to claims in the British news, to maintain yearly gas and electricity costs for a typical household at or less £ 1971.


Truss’s draft plan, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg News, calls for investing £ 130 billion over the following 18 months to maintain steady energy prices.

From October 1, the average energy bill for a UK household is anticipated to increase by 80% to £3,548 annually.

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Electricity companies will be required to lower the prices they charge households for energy under Truss’ proposal.

Companies will receive a funding guarantee for the discrepancy from the incoming administration.

According to Bloomberg, this strategy was discussed yesterday with the CEOs of energy companies by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who Truss is anticipated to nominate as the new business minister.

There hasn’t yet been a formal announcement on the matter. In a short while after taking office today, Truss is anticipated to make this strategy public.


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