Mega Predator from the Cretaceous Period Just Found?

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It possessed a jaw and teeth the size of a killer whale, a tail resembling a shark, and a body resembling a Komodo dragon. In some ways, it is just like the vicious chimera from ancient mythology that it sounds like. Thalassotitan atrox, a recently found sea monster from 66 million years ago, is far more scientifically accurate and amazing in this regard.

It appears that these enormous carnivores posed a threat to even fellow Thalassotitans. Thalassotitan seems to have been particularly belligerent, with injuries described as “exceptionally common” and intense. Mosasaurs generally have evidence of violent injuries to their faces and jaws, war wounds from fighting over feeding grounds or mates, but Thalassotitan seems to have been extra belligerent.

Thalassotitan was discovered in Morocco, a nation already renowned for having the most diversified mosasaur fauna in the world, and its finding highlights the amazing diversity of Cretaceous-era Africa.

In a blog post on the discovery, Longrich speculated that “it’s possible about 20 to 25, or perhaps 30 species existed here.” “While that may seem excessive, keep in mind that there are currently 26 cetaceans residing off the coast of Morocco. Why not the same amount of mosasaurs?

Ali Esen

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