How to Fix It and Why You Still Feel Dehydrated Despite Drinking Water All Day

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We are all aware that leading a healthy lifestyle requires a few essential components. These include of maintaining a healthy weight, working out, getting enough rest, and, of course, drinking water. But have you ever experienced persistent dehydration after drinking a lot of water during the day? Your mouth may feel dry, your lips may feel chapped, or your skin may not feel as supple. There is a logical explanation for why water might occasionally feel less hydrating; it’s not all in your brain.

On a 2018 edition of the mindbodygreen podcast, integrative medicine specialist Dana Cohen, MD, stated that people aren’t often thinking about the “remineralizing” process while they are drinking a lot of water. Despite the fact that many people drink a lot of water throughout the day, they frequently use use water filters to get rid of harsh poisons and chemicals. Sadly, these filters also exclude healthy elements such underlying salt, which could already be in limited amounts in ordinary tap water.

Your body’s sodium receptors can’t really draw those water molecules into cells to help them operate effectively if you don’t have enough sodium in your system in relation to how much water you’re ingesting. Additionally, if your body is carrying too much water, you may be experiencing water intoxication, which may leave you feeling dizzy, queasy, and occasionally even dehydrated. Because of this, it’s crucial to replenish the sodium that you’re losing through the water you’re consuming.

You don’t have to remineralize your water with each glass you drink; instead, you may make one minor adjustment a few times daily, especially if you drink a lot of water in between meals. To ensure that sodium is restored in your body, Cohen advises adding a sprinkle of salt or a packet of electrolytes to your next glass of water (Buy on Amazon, $26.99). Despite how little the adjustment is, it may have a significant impact.


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