Trump requests donations from supporters for a “upcoming lawsuit” against CNN

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Trump: Radikal Demokratlar ABD’yi komünist bir ülkeye dönüştürmek istiyor

Over a week has passed since former president Donald Trump announced that he will sue CNN.

However, rather than filing legal filings, Trump seems more focused on appealing to his supporters for donations to “help” the as-of-yet inactive legal action.

An updated fundraising email from the former president on Friday stated, “I’m calling on my best and most devoted supporters to add their names to join with me in my imminent LAWSUIT against Fake News CNN.”

The letter linked to a contributions website and read, “Add your name IMMEDIATELY to demonstrate your support for my future lawsuit against Fake News CNN.”

Two fundraising emails with the theme “Let’s SUE CNN” were distributed on Friday.

Hours later, another email was sent out with a similar urgency and the subject line: “I’m going to check over the names of the first 45 Patriots who added their names to publicly stand with their President AGAINST CNN.”

The former president addressed a letter headed “Notice of Intent to Bring Civil Action for Defamation” to CNN’s General Counsel David Vigilante and senior CNN executive Chris Licht on Wednesday, threatening to sue the cable network.

The Trump legal letter to CNN stated that “without respect to President Trump’s true confidence in his words, CNN has published several pieces labeling him as a “liar” and the “purveyor of the Big Lie.”

The Republican National Committee has stated that it would stop covering Trump’s legal fees if he announces his campaign for president, and the ex-president is already promoting a prospective CNN lawsuit.

The Daily Beast contacted CNN and a Trump representative for comment on Friday evening, but neither responded.

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