WATCH: Days before the second positive test, Biden pokes fun at Trump over COVID-19

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President Joe Biden was making fun of former President Donald Trump for how he recovered from the virus only days before Biden tested positive for COVID-19 once more as a result of a rebound infection.

Cheers erupted as Biden announced that he could finally return to work in person. He marched to the stage wearing a mask but took it off to speak.

“My symptoms were mild, my recovery was quick, and I’m feeling great,” he said. “The entire time I was in isolation, I was able to work. … It’s a real statement about where we are in the fight against COVID-19.”

Then he took a swipe at Trump, saying that although Biden continued to work from the second floor of the White House, Trump had to be sent to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after contracting the coronavirus in 2020.

After Saturday’s announcement, Biden’s shot at Trump appears to be a case of him hurling a stone from a glass house.

Trump has not yet responded to the rediagnosis of Biden.

Even though the president doesn’t have any symptoms, his positive test has raised concerns about how often Paxlovid rebounds actually are. The antiviral, which is prescribed to more than 40,000 individuals per day, was the subject of a health alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in May that addressed the rebound risk. Although the government warned that none of those impacted had reported having severe symptoms, it recognized that there were instances when the sickness had resurfaced.

The CDC said that there was no proof that a second Paxlovid prescription would eliminate any rebound effects.

Rebound infections were something that the White House COVID-19 response coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, stated they were “looking at very closely” back in May. He also noted that those cases were “not leading to anybody being very unwell.”

But this is the important part, he added. “People who experience rebound do not wind up in hospitals. They don’t become especially ill. And Paxlovid’s purpose is to prevent patients from developing life-threatening illnesses.”

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