Ghislaine Maxwell relocated to a Florida minimum-security facility

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Ghislaine Maxwell relocated to a Florida minimum-security facility.

infamous socialite spent 20 years in prison for obtaining adolescent girls for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse

In order to fulfill her 20-year jail term for arranging for tycoon Jeffrey Epstein to abuse adolescent girls, Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred to a low-security facility.

The Bureau of Prisons reports that the 60-year-old has been sent to FCI Tallahassee in Florida. On July 17, 2037, she will be eligible for release.

This month, the humiliated socialite filed an appeal against her conviction and imprisonment.

The publishing magnate Robert Maxwell’s daughter Maxwell has been detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York since her arrest in July 2020 on suspicion of luring young girls as young as 14 into Epstein’s toxic environment.

Her attorneys have criticized the “reprehensible” prison conditions in Brooklyn. The surveillance they said Maxwell experienced “rivals moments of Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s confinement” from the movie The Silence of the Lambs.

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Additionally, they claimed that Maxwell was served food tainted with maggots and denied access to water. They stated that her cell was filled with rats and smelled of raw sewage, and that the guards kept her awake by flashing flashlights into her eyes every 15 minutes.

Her attorneys suggested that she do her time at the Connecticut low security facility FCI Danbury, which served as the model for the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. Experts have previously likened the penitentiary to the Brooklyn facility and said it is “like Disneyland.”

Maxwell’s trial judge Alison Nathan had recommended that he be sent to FCI Danbury after the request, but the Bureau of Prisons eventually made the choice.

When FCI Tallahassee first opened its doors, it solely housed women.

In June, prosecutors claimed that Maxwell should serve at least 30 years in jail. She should serve no more than four to five years in prison, according to her attorneys’ statements before the sentencing hearing, who said that much longer would be “a mockery of justice” and fit for Epstein.

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Maxwell’s attorneys argued that her detention circumstances were appalling in their request for mercy, noting that “a prisoner in Ms. Maxwell’s unit threatened to kill her, arguing that an extra 20 years’ incarceration would be worth the money she’d earn for murdering Ms. Maxwell.”

They also claimed that her father’s emotional abuse of her as a kid prepared her for Epstein’s influence.

Federal officials detained Epstein in July 2019 on suspicion of sex trafficking. He committed suicide in a federal prison in New York City while he was awaiting trial.

The court sentenced Maxwell to 20 years in prison, stating that he “participated frequently and over the course of many years in a horrible conspiracy to sell young girls, some of whom were as young as 14.”

Despite the fact that “Epstein was key to this strategy,” Nathan emphasized the significance of the fact that she was not convicted “as a surrogate” for him. The defendant’s actions, according to her, were horrible and predatory.

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The court denied Maxwell’s plea for a new trial after learning that a potential juror in her case had not reported childhood sexual abuse during jury selection, and the sentence went place over three months later.

On December 29, Maxwell, who has maintained her innocence, was found guilty of five of the six offenses she was facing. After six days and 40 hours of deliberation, the jury reached their verdict.


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