Russia says Odessa attack ‘will not affect grain shipments’

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Russia says Odessa attack 'will not affect grain shipments'

Breaking news: The grain corridor agreement signed between Russia and Ukraine under the leadership of the UN and Turkey had given hope to the world, but Russia’s strike on Odessa after the agreement extinguished these hopes in an instant. Russia’s last-minute statement responded to the question marks about grain shipments.

Russia made a statement on yesterday’s attack on the Odessa port in Ukraine.

Kremlin Spokesperson Peskov stated that what happened will not affect grain shipments.

The grain shipment agreement signed between Russia and Ukraine under the leadership of the UN and Turkey had been a hope to end the war through diplomatic channels.

However, the Russian attack on Odessa immediately after the agreement damaged these hopes, and the shooting of the Odessa port drew reaction not only from Ukraine but also from the whole world.

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“The attack on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine ‘should not affect’ the agreement on grain deliveries,” the Kremlin said in a statement quoted by spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

It was learned that the headquarters of the International ‘Grain Table’ will be the headquarters of the National Defense University in Istanbul and that the team will consist of 20 people from all sides. The team will be headed by a Turkish admiral. It was also learned that Russian and Ukrainian officials will come together only in case of need and will work in separate rooms. The center is expected to become operational in a short time.

Peskov said in a statement:

“This cannot and should not affect the agreement. Moscow’s attack was aimed directly at military infrastructure and has nothing to do with the signed agreement.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov defended this attack by the Russian military, saying, “This is only about military infrastructure. It has nothing to do with the infrastructure that will be used for the implementation of agreements and the extraction of grain. Therefore, this cannot and should not in any way prevent the start of the grain extraction process.”

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that in line with the agreement signed in Istanbul, the restrictions on the marketing of Russian grain and fertilizer will be lifted and the United Nations (UN) must fulfill its obligations in this direction, “As we have said before, the UN must fulfill its obligations regarding restrictions on Russian exports. Let’s wait to assess the efficiency and functioning of the mechanisms established in accordance with the agreements.”


Kremlin spokesman Peskov also touched upon the energy crisis in Europe and criticized Europe for the restrictions imposed on its countries.

“There is no policy here, there are restrictions imposed by the Europeans themselves, and the Europeans themselves suffer from these restrictions. Russia is a responsible gas supplier and no matter what the European Commission, European capitals and the United States say, Russia remains the country that largely guarantees energy security in Europe. If Europe continues on this path of completely reckless restrictions and sanctions that hit them, the situation here will be different.”

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The Ukrainian side called the attack barbaric and strongly condemned it.

The port of Odessa is one of the 3 important ports mentioned in the historic agreement.

According to Ukrainian officials, there was grain stored in the Odessa port, but fortunately the warehouses were not damaged by the missile attack.


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