The latest rumors include: Britney Spears unexpectedly gushing over Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, H.E.R. becoming a Disney princess, and more

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The latest rumors include: Britney Spears unexpectedly gushing over Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, H.E.R. becoming a Disney princess, and more

Come as their guest. H.E.R., a Grammy-winning musician, will soon become a Disney princess and create history. As the first Afro Filipina woman to play Belle on TV, she will feature in ABC’s forthcoming Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration live special. “A Black and Filipino Belle will be seen by the globe!” I’ve always wanted to be a Disney princess, H.E.R continued. The two-hour special, which will run on ABC in December, will be recorded live in front of an audience, but according to ABC, it will also incorporate animation and real-action performances that “will be seamlessly weaved into the original feature film.” Although Jon M. Chu, the director of the upcoming Wicked film, will produce the special, it hasn’t yet been revealed who the rest of the cast will be. Let’s hope he doesn’t bizarrely divide it into two parts.

In “Batman Returns,” Britney Spears blatantly gushes about Michelle Pfeiffer.

The celebrities share our strange obsession with Michelle Pfeiffer’s role in Batman Returns from 1992. Britney Spears wrote a lengthy Instagram message praising the actress, especially for playing Catwoman in the Tim Burton masterpiece. Spears stated, “I feel that she’s the most endearing, attractive, and alluring lady. She even included a movie clip, showing Selina Kyle creating and donning her Catwoman costume. Spears stated, “I just want to let her know a stupid girl from the South has always thought she was a friggin God. This sequence is arguably the hottest sight I’ve ever seen in my life.” Pfeiffer immediately praised Spears for the “wonderful remark” in the comments, calling her a “big admirer.” So what, specifically, triggered the post? Is Spears watching every Batman movie in one sitting now that she has more freedom? If so, we are eagerly awaiting her thoughts on George Clooney’s Bat-nipples.

Following a failed cosmetic operation, Linda Evangelista settled her claim.

The “next chapter of my life,” according to Linda Evangelista, is set to begin. The model said that she had Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting technique to reduce fat cells but that it left her “permanently deformed,” which led to her becoming a hermit. Last year, the model stated that she had done so because she had been “brutally scarred” by a cosmetic operation. Evangelista also brought a $50 million lawsuit against the business at the time. She has stated on Instagram that she is “pleased to have resolved” the matter almost a year later. The settlement’s financial details weren’t made public, but the announcement coincided with Evangelista’s first modeling appearance following surgery, which would be in a Fendi campaign. Evangelista stated, “I am pleased to put this subject behind me, and I am really appreciative of the support I have gotten from individuals who have contacted out.

‘Jeopardy!’ involved with a scandal about penmanship

What did she write, exactly? After a contestant’s difficult-to-read answer was allowed on the show this week, Jeopardy! has come under fire for supposed uneven rules. Okay, some folks on Twitter are irritated, but let’s not be dramatic. Erica Weiner-Amachi correctly answered “What is Waiting for Godot?” on Final Jeopardy!, although the word “Godot” actually merely appears as a collection of squiggly lines that resemble the word. She was declared correct, but viewers quickly pointed out that just a few weeks prior, another contestant wrote the question “Who is Harriet Tubman?” correctly, but was incorrectly judged due to her (potentially less sloppy) handwriting, with the judges claiming she didn’t complete writing her answer. One supporter remarked, “I think that Harriett Tubman is FAR more readable than whatsoever Erica has written. We can credit bad handwriting for another Jeopardy because the game show is scheduled to explain its permanent hosting issue soon. controversy for the sake of scandal.

The teaser for “Halloween Ends” previews Jamie Lee Curtis’ allegedly last confrontation with Michael Myers.

Tonight, evil really does perish. The first Halloween Ends trailer has been released by Universal, and it teases yet another purported showdown between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers. Laurie tells Michael to “come and grab me motherf—ker” before savagely cutting his hand in the teaser’s depiction of their fight. The conclusion will take place four years after Michael killed Laurie’s kid in Halloween Kills, according to the story summary. Since then, he hasn’t been seen, and Laurie, who now resides with her granddaughter, has let go of her anger and dread. But because it’s Halloween, there’s no way that can continue. In Halloween Ends, Curtis probably won’t reprise her role as Laurie again. But then again, we felt the same way about Halloween 2018 and there’s definitely a reason to be wary of that Ends title given that this franchise actually physically chopped off Michael’s head and still had a sequel in cinemas a few years later.


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