A Pokémon Historian to Establish a “Pokémon Archive and Museum” is Wanted

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To develop a “internal The Pokémon Company International Company Archive and Museum,” which is a job in multiple Pokémon games and is now a career in real life as well, The Pokémon Company is looking for an archivist and Pokémon enthusiast.

To “perform large-scale inventories, create policies, process, categorize, preserve, and other activities that will construct and maintain the firm’s first internal archive from the ground up,” the archivist will collaborate with the “Game Data Librarian” of the company.

The character highlights Pokémon’s size, underlying narrative, and constantly growing intellectual property. When Scarlet and Violet are released later this year, there will be a ninth generation of Pokémon, bringing the total to eight. Approximately 1,000 Pokémon will be available when the game is published. Numerous video games, thousands of unique Pokémon trading card game cards, hundreds of anime episodes, a few films, etc. are all available. Concept drawings, demonstrations, storyboards, screenplays, toys, and a ton of other things must all be kept in order.

All of this serves to emphasize how challenging yet likely highly enjoyable this work is. According to the listing, the organization intends to establish “internal physical repositories” as well as “digital repositories” for its Pokémon archives, indicating that the Pokémon Archive and Museum may have a physical location inside the Pokémon Company’s headquarters. The individual will also be required to keep examples of TCG cards, develop a security policy for the museum, design a “descriptive metadata schema” for searching the archives, assist the business in acquiring pertinent artifacts for the museum, and create a security procedure.

The job will pay between $77,000 and $118,000.



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