Attention Explorer users: After 27 years, Microsoft finally discontinues Internet Explorer

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After 27 years, Microsoft finally discontinues Internet Explorer.

Finally, the time has come. Microsoft has decided to stop execution several times before uninstalling Internet Explorer. The formerly much-loved web browser has been around for a staggering 27 years. Before competitors like Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari started attracting users, it was usually the default browser on a Windows PC.

Windows users will no longer be able to launch Internet Explorer as of June 15th. The company’s newest browser, Microsoft Edge, will be recommended along with information on the application’s demise. Edge was created entirely from scratch to replace its forerunner. In 2015, it was formally released. Since then, Microsoft has added it to Xbox game consoles and Windows 10 and 11.

Goodbye and bye for now

It has taken a while for Internet Explorer (IE) to become obsolete. In May 2021, Microsoft formally announced that they were weaning users off of it. Simply said, IE is an old browser. It isn’t as quick, safe, or versatile as more recent browsers.

The business said that Microsoft Edge is capable of addressing a crucial issue: compatibility with older, legacy websites and apps. “Not only is Microsoft Edge a quicker, more secure, and more contemporary browsing experience than Internet Explorer,” it added. You may browse legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and apps directly from Microsoft Edge thanks to the built-in Internet Explorer mode (“IE mode”) in Microsoft Edge.

However, some firms are anxious about Internet Explorer’s demise. Internal apps are still sometimes executed on corporate systems using IE. Microsoft has implemented a “Internet Explorer Mode” to Edge in order to stop major problems. For those who still require it, it ought to offer a workaround.

Internet Explorer’s Slow Death Knell

Microsoft maintained IE upgrades for decades, but their use gradually decreased. According to The Wall Street Journal, only 0.28 percent of internet users still use IE to browse the web. Comparatively, around 18% of users use Apple’s Safari, which was created for MacOS and iOS, while over 65% use Google Chrome.

The antitrust action that the U.S. Justice Department brought against Microsoft in 1997 really had Internet Explorer as its focal point. They said it was a monopolistic business practice to demand people to install their browser in order to use Windows. The Feds really prevailed in their legal battle, and Microsoft was forced to establish two distinct divisions: one for operating system design and one for software development.

The Internet Reacts

After Microsoft filed an appeal, the issue was ultimately resolved in 2001 with minor compromises from both parties.

The internet, as it does, reacted to IE’s death in predictable ways. Naturally, there are the memes about how slow and outdated the browser had become. And the classic joke that the only thing IE was good for was downloading the installation file of a different browser.


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