Amazon and its employees face off: Workers are rioting!

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Amazon is busy on Prime Day. But this intensity is a nightmare for Amazon employees.

Amazon and its employees face off: Workers are rioting! 1

Amazon, one of the world’s largest companies, is admired for the service it provides to its customers, but it is not off the agenda with what happens behind the curtain. In addition to its recent successes, the company is also known for the tension between its employees.

Amazon employees launched a campaign on

Amazon has had a very busy work agenda in recent days. So much so that Prime Day has multiplied the company’s business. However, this intensity increases the workload on company employees considerably.

Amazon employees are now taking action. They want the company to create a safer working environment and stop undermining unionization. To this end, Amazon employees have launched a new campaign on The campaign continues with the slogan “help workers work in a better environment”.

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The campaign was shared with the following sentences.

Prime Day deals lead to Epic Prime day injuries. Check out the link on before you click to order on Prime Day. The photos we shared offer a glimpse into the reality Amazon employees face every day.

There has been a latent air of tension between Amazon and its employees. While the process of unionization of workers has exacerbated tensions with the company, the added Prime Day rush is causing a storm to brew. So much so that the intensity leads to work accidents and worker injuries.


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