Attention WhatsApp and Telegram Users!

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Attention WhatsApp and Telegram Users!

Among instant messaging services, WhatsApp and Telegram are among the most used worldwide. Both services are free and WhatsApp was first launched in 2009, Telegram a few years later. The exact date is August 2013.

Attention WhatsApp and Telegram Users!

This four-year difference first led WhatsApp to establish itself as the most used instant messaging service in the world. But Telegram has in recent years started to nibble away at the market share of WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Meta Platforms Inc. We will examine in detail how and why Telegram has grown to over half a billion active users in recent years.

In the following paragraphs, we quote what we have read on the internet and in some forums, and it is worth noting that the opinions expressed are neither personal nor those of the company that publishes this newspaper.

In detail, the two instant messaging services, WhatsApp and Telegram, really have a lot in common. From chatting with your contacts to making video calls. But each app also has its own unique features that are different and that users wish they had in both.


This is actually the answer to why WhatsApp or Telegram is used. If Telegram is used, it will be more useful than WhatsApp to access current news, which is why this app is used so much today, especially during the Ukraine-Russia war. On the other hand, when we look at the companies behind these apps and their vision, there are differences between WhatsApp and Telegram that cannot be ignored. This is because WhatsApp is owned by a Wall Street-listed company, Meta Platforms Inc. to be precise.

The company behind Telegram, on the other hand, is Telegram LLC, which declares itself non-profit for its instant messaging software. This company is fundamentally committed to privacy and security, so this vision can be an important factor, especially for some users.


It is an indisputable fact that there is a debate between WhatsApp and Telegram as to which is more secure. In recent years, Telegram has been proving its perception of security and privacy, which is the vision of the company with the increase in its users, by reaching more and more users day by day. On the other side is WhatsApp, which, although free, has a profit-oriented company behind it and the company’s processing of personal data.

In the light of the information obtained, if the user is looking for a more secure experience with protected privacy, they should use Telegram. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is known for producing personalized experiences for users by sharing the data it obtains with companies within Meta Platforms Inc. So which application would you like to use in line with this information?


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