Apple Watch saved the swimmer’s life!

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In the incident that took place in the USA, the Apple Watch smartwatch of a swimmer who was stranded in a river acted as a life saver.

Apple Watch saved the swimmer's life! 1

Smartwatches are an important companion for those who do sports with the various modes they offer. Offering performance data during many sports, smartwatches also offer many advantages for swimmers. In the incident that took place in the US, a swimmer’s Apple Watch smartwatch acted as a life saver.

Woman stranded in the river saved thanks to Apple Watch

In an incident in the US, a woman swimming in the Columbia River got her foot stuck in the rocks and was trapped in 13-degree water. Unable to free herself from her trapped foot, the woman found the solution by calling 911 emergency assistance teams on her smartwatch.

First aid teams, who arrived at the scene in a short time, saved the woman from freezing at the last moment. The authorities managed to get the exhausted woman out of the water, albeit with difficulty, and took her to the hospital. Police reports indicate that the woman trapped in the river showed signs of hypothermia when she was rescued.

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Apple Watch has an SOS feature that allows users to call emergency services by holding down the button on the side for a few seconds. To make an emergency notification or phone call without a phone nearby, your smartwatch must have cellular data and calling capabilities.

Apple Watch saved the swimmer's life!

Apple has offered water resistance on its smartwatches since the Watch 2. Apple Watch 7 is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. The brand’s wearable technology devices have previously saved users’ lives in different situations with their fall detection and SOS features.

This situation in the US was fortunately overcome without any loss of life. However, for worse situations, please be careful while swimming and do not swim alone, especially in areas such as rivers or lakes. This situation can happen to anyone.

Thanks to the swimmer’s quick thinking and Apple Watch, we can say that this incident was definitely narrowly avoided. So what do you think about this issue? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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