Putin’s daughter’s secret account revealed!

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Putin's daughter's secret account revealed!

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova, is allegedly behind the social media account ‘Maria V’ and has made angry posts about Ukraine, the West, George Soros and gay rights.

Putin's daughter's secret account revealed!

A striking claim about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova, has become one of the most hotly debated topics of the day in the West.

There is not much information about the Russian leader’s daughters because Putin kept his family and private life a secret, but after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the whole family was scrutinized. Like President Putin, his family is being watched step by step by the Western media.


According to a new claim by The Times, the Russian leader’s eldest daughter from his first marriage, 37-year-old Vorontsova, is believed to be behind a secret social media account that makes angry posts about Ukraine, the West, George Soros and gay rights.

The social media account ‘Maria V’, which is claimed to belong to Putin’s eldest daughter, defends Russia’s war on Ukraine and supports Putin’s steps.

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Putin's daughter Maria Vorontsova - an interview on Rossia 24/YouTube channel
Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova – an interview on Rossia 24/YouTube channel

Putin’s eldest daughter, also known as Maria Faassen, is a pediatric endocrinologist and graduated from Moscow State University (MSU) in 2011.

Dmitry Kolezev, editor-in-chief of Republic, an independent media outlet in Russia, said the posts, thought to belong to Putin’s daughter, were spotted on a telegram channel belonging to graduates of the medical department of Moscow State University.


Vorontsova, who criticized the sanctions imposed by the US and Europe on their countries on the channel, said, “No one in the West wants our country to be prosperous. They have done everything in their power to help us live in prosperity and will continue to do so. If Russia suddenly becomes dependent on the US and the EU, as it was almost like in the 90s, I would like to see who you will blame for not being able to live comfortably.”

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“In 2008, the first sanctions started and mozzarella cheese was removed from the shelves. Everyone seemed to go crazy. Have we been able to live without mozzarella? Was everyone able to breathe? It seems that we even have our own mozzarella now.”

Putin’s daughter did not directly endorse the invasion of Ukraine in the group’s speeches, but was angry that a former classmate used the word “annexation,” saying the occupation of Crimea was “the will of the people.”

Putin's daughter's secret account revealed! 1
Posts thought to belong to Putin’s daughter/Telegram


According to Newsweek, Vorontsova said that Russia is “not an aggressor, but a victim and has to defend itself,” adding, “Attributing the blame and responsibility for everything to a single person is like tying all your faith to a single person like a tsar. We are not like the Germans of the 1930s, but rather like those who were sent into exile.”

In his statement to the news organization Meduza, which is banned in Russia, Kolezev said that the evidence and the declaration of 2 sources show that the person who made the posts in question is the daughter of the Russian leader Putin, but still this information is not confirmed one hundred percent.

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Maria Vorontsova and her sister Katerina Tikhonova were subjected to sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe after their father invaded Ukraine.


Maria Vorontsova was born in 1985. He studied biology at St Petersburg University and medicine at Moscow State University.

Vorontsova, now an academic specializing in the endocrine system, is also a well-known businesswoman.

Although she is married to Dutch businessman Jorrit Joost Faassen, there are reports that the couple has separated.

It is stated that Vorontsova and her brother did not spend much time with their father. Putin said in a 2017 interview that he had grandchildren, but did not specify the number of grandchildren or which daughter they were from.


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