Elon Musk has been spotted using the Starship heat shield as a tray

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Elon Musk has been spotted using the Starship heat shield as a tray

Twitter users spotted an interesting detail in a photo of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Indonesian President Joko Widodo chatting.

Elon Musk has been spotted using the Starship heat shield as a tray

The photo showed the snacks at the table where the two were chatting on a piece of a ceramic heat shield designed for Starship rockets.

Musk and Widodo met on May 15 at the Stargate SpaceX Facility in the US to discuss a range of scientific advances, from electric vehicles to interplanetary space travel.

It is estimated that Musk is considering investing in Tesla in Indonesia. Indonesia is becoming the world’s largest producer of nickel, an important component in the production of electric vehicle batteries.

On the other hand, the detail that attracted the most attention at the meeting was the stylish equipment where pastries were presented at the table next to Musk and Widodo.

YouTuber TJ Cooney, who zoomed in on the photo Widodo shared on his Twitter account, said, “Look at the ceramic piece used for the Starship rockets. It was used to put snacks,” he said.

An aerospace engineer working at SpaceX confirmed in his response to the shipment that the part in question was one of the parts developed for Starship’s heat shield. Engineer Sidney Chambers wrote to TJ Cooney, “You’re right this time.” According to Futurism, the pieces are stacked closely together, creating high-tech armor around the innovative rockets. Last year, Musk released images of these parts being heated with special equipment, trying to prove their durability. The tech billionaire said:

The fragments reached the temperature of entry into orbit, that is, about 1300 degrees.

Space firm SpaceX is developing reusable Starship rockets for future manned trips to Mars.

Meanwhile, Musk and his team are preparing to take Starship to a major milestone.

The company plans to launch the rocket’s first orbital flight test at Starbase in the US state of Texas shortly.

For the firing, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is expected to complete its assessment of flight activities at Starbase.

This review was initially thought to be completed by the end of 2021, but as the process was prolonged, the launch was postponed to May 31, 2022 at the earliest.


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