A retired Russian colonel criticized the course of the war on state television

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Emekli Albay Mikhail Khodarinok “60 Dakika” programında yaptığı konuşmada

A retired Russian colonel who criticized the course of the invasion of Ukraine said that “the situation will worsen,” adding, “The whole world is against Moscow.”

Emekli Albay Mikhail Khodarinok “60 Dakika” programında yaptığı konuşmada

According to The New York Times, retired Colonel Mikhail Khodarinok, appearing on the ’60 Minutes’ program on the Russia-1 channel, referred to a number of problems that led to Russia’s failure to achieve its goal in the war (desirable goals in Ukraine, troop morale, the alliance of Western countries against Russia, and Ukraine’s massive collection of fighters and equipment).

“We are in complete geopolitical isolation and the whole world is against us, even if we don’t want to admit it. Russia’s military, political and technical resources are limited.”

“Sometimes information spreads about some moral or psychological collapse of the Ukrainian armed forces, so they seem to be approaching a moral crisis or division. None of this is close to reality. “Ukraine is ready to send a million men to fight if it gets enough weapons.”

While Khodarinok’s remarks stunned the other participants in the program, host Olga Scapeva changed the subject due to the rhetoric.

Khodarinok said that the Russian advance in the Donbass region was due to the discipline, training, high morale and strength of its artillery, and also repeated the Russian claim that the Ukrainian side sponsored the Nazis.


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