Important purchase move for electric car from Apple

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Important purchase move for electric car from Apple

While it’s too early for Apple Car dreams, the brand continues to invest in its electric car project. Judging by the latest details, an important purchase move for the Apple Car electric car project is on the way.

Important purchase move for electric car from Apple

Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman has revealed new details for the Apple Car electric car project. Accordingly, Apple is already looking to buy Canoo, which it is closely interested in.

Canoo claim for Apple Car electric car project

Apple previously made Ulrich Kranz, the former CEO of Canoo, one of the top executives of the electric car project. Kranz brought with him many important designers and engineers working on the Canoo project.

Canoo has been in a difficult position in recent months for its electric car project. The firm, which is struggling with financing, is looking for formulas to attract more investors. Mark Gurman claims that Apple stepped in at this point.

-This visual has appeared before for the Apple Car design.

As you know, Apple has set out with important partnerships and acquisitions in many of its projects. In this sense, Canoo, which is an important source of inspiration for Apple Car, may be the company’s new target.

It is a matter of curiosity whether Apple will give life to the Canoo project. The project’s goal is to launch the first Canoo vehicles under $40,000 by the end of 2022. It is not yet clear whether Canoo, who is in a kind of minivan vision, will receive financial support from Apple in this sense.

The Apple Car electric car project is still in its infancy. The latest estimates are that the project will not be completed before 2025.

Although Apple has not leaked details for the car project, the project is expected to be fully autonomous. Again, in this sense, it is also claimed that there will be no steering wheel in the electric car as we know it. However, we can also say goodbye to pedals with this design. The Canoo project, on the other hand, is among the biggest competitors of the Tesla Cybertruck with its cubic design language.


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