Musk’s black hole Twitter: 20 percent turned out to be fake

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Musk's black hole Twitter: 20 percent turned out to be fake

Elon Musk’s decision to stop buying Twitter has turned eyes to the platform.

Musk's black hole Twitter: 20 percent turned out to be fake

Aside from the fact that various conspiracy theories have swirled behind Musk’s suspension of the purchase, the allegations that the apparent reason is fake, spam and bot accounts on the platform and that these accounts constitute 20 percent of the accounts on Twitter have also dominated the public debate.

The purchase of Twitter, which serves as a public square, by a person for money has caused serious controversy. The debate that monopolization on Twitter will mean the strengthening of digital bullying has become a topic of discussion not only in public but also in world finance, politics and even global security circles.

Elon Musk, who gave up his decision to buy Twitter, strengthened the claims that he was taken by these circles with his previous tweet that he could fall victim to a mysterious death.

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Musk later announced that he was ‘suspending’ the function of buying Twitter for the time being. Markets believe Musk has given up on buying the company.


There is an air that the reason Musk has given up on the acquisition is apparently because of spam, bots and fake accounts on Twitter. But there is no definitive statement from the Musk front.

According to webtekno’s Ümit Kılınç, Musk, who shared on his Twitter account, showed that he did not trust Twitter’s statement that it constituted less than 5% of fake/spam/bot accounts.

Later, he shared that he would determine the rate of bot accounts on Twitter with his own team and invited everyone to this process. Following Elon Musk’s invitation, a report was shared today that has achieved a great result in this regard.


A joint study by SparkToro and Followerwonk dealt with 44,058 public Twitter accounts that were active in the past 90 days and revealed the ratio between the bot account and the real account.

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19.42% of the accounts selected automatically and randomly by the computer turned out to be fake/bot accounts.

SparkToro’s data set of 44,058 randomly selected accounts, as well as Twitter and Elon Musk’s followers, were also examined.


As a result of the study, 16 out of every 100 followers of Twitter were fake, while 23.42% of the 26.8 million accounts that followed Elon Musk’s account could be fake.

While these numbers only consist of accounts that have been active in the last 90 days, when this limit is removed, it is revealed that 70.23% of Elon Musk’s followers may be fake.

In its report for the last quarter of 2021, Twitter announced that the total number of bots/fake accounts on Twitter accounted for 5% of total Twitter users.


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