Is the image of the door NASA found on Mars belonging to aliens?

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The camera of NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft imaged a structure that looked like a door dug into the rocks. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the image shows a real gate carved into the rock by an intelligent alien species.

Is the image of the door NASA found on Mars belonging to aliens? 1

The image caught in the camera of NASA’s Mars exploration spacecraft Curiosity has spurred those who produce conspiracy theories about aliens into action.

Following the image, which pointed to a gate-shaped passage between the rocks, conspiracy theorists identified this image as evidence of life on the Red Planet.

But scientists don’t agree with conspiracy theorists.

Scientists said the image was not surprising and was formed as a result of geological movements on Mars.

Professor Sanjeev Gupta of Imperial College London told The Daily Telegraph that such structures are abundant on Mars and Earth, arguing that the image is formed through normal geological processes.

The image could have taken place at any time within the last few hundred million years.

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