NASA employee warns: Starlink satellites could poison Earth

Elon Musk's Starlink satellites could erode the Earth's magnetic field and slowly poison us all, a former NASA scientist has warned.

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NASA employee warns: Starlink satellites could poison Earth

A former NASA physicist has warned that mega-satellite networks like Elon Musk’s Starlink could disrupt the Earth’s magnetosphere and expose all of humanity to deadly cosmic rays.

Dr. Sierra Solter-Hunt claims that satellites burn up the Earth’s atmosphere with more than 1.3 tons of satellite debris every hour, creating a layer of metal “conductive particles” in orbit.

According to the latest estimate by astronomers this March, there are currently 5,504 Starlink satellites in orbit, of which 5,442 are operational. But tens of thousands more are planned for launch.


At the end of their life cycles, particles from these satellites could “disrupt or trap the magnetic field” of Earth’s atmosphere, said physicist Solter-Hunt, a former NASA employee.

Although he notes that this is an “extreme case”, such a layer of charged metal dust could lead to “atmospheric erosion” similar to the fates of Mars and Mercury.


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