Biden stumbles again as he boards presidential plane

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Biden stumbles again as he boards presidential plane

US President Joe Biden stumbled once again yesterday as he boarded his presidential plane, Air Force One.

Biden stumbles again as he boards presidential plane

Footage released by the Daily Mail showed Biden, 79, losing his balance and stumbling for a moment as he climbed the stairs to board a presidential plane at Andrews Air Force Base on his way to Illinois.

Biden then held the handrails of the stairs with his right hand, stabilized him, and boarded the plane without incident.

Emphasizing that global food prices have increased due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden visited a farm in Illinois.

He also hosted a fundraising event in Chicago and met with union supporters.

Biden stumbled and crashed 3 times while boarding a presidential plane in March 2021, a incident that caused speculation about whether he was in good health.

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Doctors found Biden ‘fit for the mission’ in November, but said his gait had changed markedly by 2020, partly because of ‘spinal arthritis’ (calcification).



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