CNN: Biden tells Netanyahu that “the United States will not support a strike against Iran”

According to CNN, Biden was quoted as telling Netanyahu that "Israel won tonight" and that Iran had failed to inflict any significant damage on Israel.

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US President Joe Biden allegedly told Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that “the United States will not support an Israeli counterattack against Iran.”

According to an unnamed senior official who spoke to the American CNN channel, Biden assessed Washington’s position in his phone call with Netanyahu.

Biden assured Netanyahu that “the United States has full support for Israel” and that they would not support any Israeli counter-strike against Iran.

In the news report, Biden was quoted as telling Netanyahu that “in tonight’s picture, Israel won” and that Iran could not cause any significant damage to Israel.

Speaking to the American news website Axios, an unnamed White House official similarly stated that the United States does not support an Israeli “counterstrike” against Iran.

Iran’s attacks lasted about 5 hours

On the other hand, another official told CNN that the Iranian airstrikes against Israel lasted for about 5 hours.

US President Biden had condemned Iran’s attacks “in the strongest terms”, conveyed a message to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu “of full support for Israel” and announced that he would convene the G-7 leaders today for a joint diplomatic response to Iran.


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